Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Super Quick OOTD and Another Cute Ruffle Blouse

Here's a quick OOD from today - for lots of running around, getting kids to and from school, soccer, shopping and getting ready for our trip :

ATL sweater, ON necklace, ON denim capris, flats purchased at a small shop in Paris this summer

We are leaving for Minneapolis tomorrow and normally I would be completely packed and ready to go at this point but with just arriving home from Atlanta on Sunday, schools and activities starting up, and needing to get into the office tomorrow for a couple hours before we fly out, I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

We are going for a wedding but are staying an extra day when we might possibly check out the Mall of America... and I must admit I am intrigued by the Super Size Targets that Molly Lou Gifts mentioned were in the area. Minneapolis is Target HQ, no?

So, posts on that when we return. And just look at these fabulous tops I happened upon at Eddie Bauer today! I bought the burgundy - just $39.50! I think it will be perfect under a gray cardi this Fall.



  1. super cute sweater-------is that a new one from ATL? Love, love, love the tops from Eddie Bauer.

  2. Oh you look fabulous! You have great hair and I love those nude flats!

  3. mrs.a - the ATL is from before the summer. They have some cute things out now though - found a great dress! The EB tops are beautiful! I would have never thought to look in EB for something like that.
    MCC -thanks so much :)

  4. Those Eddie Bauer tops are so cute! I must get one!!

  5. can't wait to see the dress you found at ATL!

  6. Ooo!! I always forget about EB! Gorgeous!