Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tyler Candle Company Candles

So there was some tweeting about these wonderful Tyler (Tyler, Texas) Candles a couple months back and I mentioned them as a Christmas gift idea for my brother who was flying to Seattle from Austin, Texas to stay with us for the holidays.

He gave me the Diva set which includes Goldleaves (jasmine, hyacinth, lilly, moss, musk), French Market (gardenia, tuberose), and English Ivy (blooming florals, ivy). I've already burned through Goldleaves (amazing!) and am currently enjoying French Market. Gorgeous, gorgeous scents! And just look at the packaging! (Presentation is so important, don't you think?)

They are very fragrant and I've found that to conserve, you can burn for just an hour or two but enjoy the scents for much longer. I couldn't find the type of wax used on the packaging so looked it up online where I read that they are a mix of soy wax and paraffin. I would prefer that they were all soy wax as I've heard it's much cleaner burning & better for your indoor air quality; I don't know what the percentage of each wax is. Other than that, these "hand-created" candles from Texas are absolutely fabulous.

If you don't live in Texas, these appear to be available at lots of boutiques and a few online shops, including amazon.com.



  1. OMG!! A friend had bought a set of these little cute candles three years ago,as a housewarming gift and i LOVED THEM!!!!! I still have one left, and don't burn it, because I am savoring it.....great post!

  2. My MIL lives in Austin and mails me the biggest Diva scented candle they sell every other month. I love her for that!! I do wish they burned "cleaner" but all in all they are FAB

  3. Love Tyler candles. My favorite is Paris and the Original is great too!

  4. I LOVE Tyler Candles. My mother is from Tyler and anytime we go to visit my grandmother I pick up as many as possible... they're the best.

  5. I love Tyler candles! My favorite is Limelight. It smells divine! I live in Tennessee and we have several stores that sell them, thank goodness!

  6. Can't wait to try them! I love candles and new fragrances. Thanks for the idea!

  7. I'm from Tyler, Texas (my parents still live there!) and that is one of my dearest friends company!!! and they are THE BEST!!!!
    Thanks for sharing! I'm sending her a link to your post now!

  8. Thanks for your post! These candles sound wonderful! I am in Texas now, so will definitely check them out!

  9. mrs.a - I know! They're really great :)
    mWm & Legally Fabulous - I think it was the two of you who were tweeting about these - so, thank you!
    Graceybug - I'll have to try those, thanks :)
    Kathryn - I noticed Limelight - I need to try that one too, thanks.
    Katherine & Mona P - your welcome! thanks for stopping by :)
    Jill - How fun - small world :) Love her candles!

  10. I LOVE Tyler Candles. They're the best!