Friday, January 8, 2010

Anthropologie Fitting Room Snaps {4 sale tops}

So this morning I had a little spare time (was able to postpone the office a little bit) so I headed over to Anthropologie and J Crew to check out the sales and new arrivals. At Anthropologie, I couldn't find most of the new arrivals I was interested in but the sale section was pretty extensive so I ended up purchasing three of the four sale tops shown below:

Deletta's Blooming Phlox tank in Yellow (XS) - $58 marked to $29.95
this also came in red and gray

Anthropologie's pic

Project Alabama's Diaphanous Tunic in Lilac (4) - $88 marked to $39.95
this is super sheer so I left my tee on under it for the pics - I'll wear it with a cami

Anthropologie's pic

little yellow button's Cloverleaf Scoopneck in gray with dots (M) - $48 marked to $29.95

little yellow button's Cloverleaf Scoopneck in Blue Motif (M) - this is the one I did not buy but I believe it was priced the same as the gray dot one above

Happy Weekend!



  1. HI! this is OT, but re your last post about germs on clothes- did you read any comments on that article? like this:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm surprised that the store manager in this story did not tell people about the chemicals that are put on clothes before shipping. Most of our clothes come from third world countries where they are sprayed with pesticides that have been banned in the US. These chemicals are very dangerous to your health and can cause serious illness. I used to work in a retail store as one of the people who unpacked and hung clothes. I was absolutely shocked to see some of the bugs(some of which I had never seen before and never want to see alive) that were dead in the boxes with our clothes. These pesticides can be worse than the germs they found. WASH YOUR CLOTHES BEFORE WEARING!!!!!!!!!

    OMG! OMG! how scary! i wonder if the jcrew clerks can tell this story! I guess made in china is not the same as made in taiwan (since china's not tropical((am I showing ignorance here?))but I HATE bugs and I don't want to imagine that on my new sweater! I tend to not worry about the bacteria- i am sure there's the occasional health hazard but,hmm, surely there's some regulation on the pesticides.. anyway, that was an interesting post. thanks for the link. sorry to be OT!!

  2. crewlade drinka - hi! thank you for the comment! Oh yes... the chemicals... formaldehyde is one that comes to mind in regard to clothing. And when we lived in Thailand I do recall lots of bug spraying. Health hazards & safety regulations just aren't viewed the same around the world. Years ago I spent some time in retail and never did hear about or see bugs like that but I believe it could happen. Regardless - lots of reasons to wash those new fabrics! :)

  3. I own the tunic and it is so versatile!! Glad you got it, it looks good on you!


  4. DEA - thanks! I'm glad to hear you say it's versatile. I wasn't sure exactly what to do with it but knew I wanted it... then I came home and googled it and found several styling ideas from Roxy's blog - so I'm glad I have it :)

  5. I love these purchases, ma'am! Especially that tunic!! So feminine :)