Friday, January 22, 2010

Mini Boden Coming to Nordstrom {Hanna Too!}

So I was walking through Nordstrom today and noticed some Hanna Andersson play/day dress sets hanging on a fixture. Wait a minute. Hannas at Nordies?! I remarked to the sales associate how surprised I was to see Hanna in their store and she told me - yes - they would be carrying HA now... as well as...


Boden's pic

She told me it has been in a couple of Seattle stores and selling very well and -- I think -- that about 9 stores have it. She said they will have fewer pieces in the 7 & up range, but more of a collection for the 6 and under. They'll also have boys clothes! Yay!

When I got home, I googled "Mini Boden at Nordstrom" and found that, while news to me, this is not exactly hot off the presses. According to Earnshaw's Mini Boden is going to be in 55 Nordstroms this month. WWD reported on this back in August. Nordstrom has an exclusive US contract.

I am on the list to be called as soon as it hits the floor... I am interested to see if the pricing is any different as Boden runs frequent % off promos and how much of the lines they will carry.



  1. Hello-

    I'm a reader of your blog, but rarely (never?) comment. However, since I read your blog, I know how much you like Lilly Pulitzer and wanted to share something I got in the mail today. The company Garnet Hill (do you know them) is doing a line of Lilly Pulitzer bedding/bath, to be found at

    They are offering free shipping too, but it seems to be only with a code (and I don't want to give mine out b/c I might use it)--but an online search might turn up a code.


  2. Hi Liz! Thank you SO much for commenting! I do know Garnet Hill and have ordered from them a few times -- I was even thinking of doing a post on their current catalog as I don't ever seem to hear much about them on the blogs and they have some great things. I had NOT heard about them carrying Lilly Pulitzer though! Thank you so much -- I will check them out online as well as check my mailbox in hopes they've sent me something too :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Mini Boden at Nordstrom??!! Wonderful news. I am on the line of ordering some cute outfits for my little boy from the MiniBoden Catalog.....i wonder how long before the line hits a Nordstrom store in MA.?? Thanks for the news........

  4. That is great news, I had no idea. I have been filling up a mini boden cart and it would be nice to be able to check some of it out at Nordstroms. I will have to check my local store this week!

  5. WOW!! This is news to me too so I really appreciate the heads-up! Thanks!!! ;)

  6. I saw that they'd be carrying Mini Boden (so excited) but HA too! How convenient! Thanks for the heads up! :)

  7. Wow! Great news....I hope the East coast stores carry this stuff too!
    Have a good weekend!!


  8. OMG my co-worker is going to die of happiness. She loves Boden!

  9. I heard last summer from a friend in Seattle that her Nordstrom (Northgate, I think?) was going to start carrying Mini Boden this past fall. So I checked mine here in Chicago and they had it all fall here. It was nice to see the items in person. Not a full selection of what's available in catalog and online--and the nice Boden promos were absent (at least every time I checked the store).

    The recent change of women's Boden to US sizes makes me wonder if it might be carried at Nordstrom soon...that would be nice, since the sizing is harder to estimate in womens' than in kids', I think.

  10. Our Nordstrom here in DC started carrying mini Boden already. When I was having lunch (late summer, I think) with Summerilla and 3-Penny Princess, I noticed the mini-Boden and we commented that it was a good thinkg dinagideon had to leave before lunch or she would have bought out the entire rack! Nice to know it will conitnue. Like Ann above, I would really love to see them carry the women's in store.