Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gymboree + Target {dressing the Minis}

I recently stocked up on some of Gymboree's Santorini Sweetie for my little girls for an upcoming vacation (thank you Gymboree, for super fast shipping, and thank you super-helpful sales associate in-store). Maybe I'm just dreaming of the Mediterranean, but this is one of my favorite lines in a while.

The oversized blue sparkle ombre sunglasses are sheer fabulousness and the ruffle tankinis cute-as-can-be.

The scarf is sold out all over, unfortunately. My eight-year-old really wanted that scarf!

Gymboree's pics

I could totally go for this eyelet cover-up for myself:

And look at these great girls' ballet flats from Target's Xhiliration line... the punched-out design also comes in silver and pink, and the snake print also in pink. My 6 year old loves how the designs on the cover-up and flats match. There was a shiny turquoise pair I recall too. Super cute. And only $9.99!



  1. Oh my gosh!! How cute!!
    Love the ballet flats.


  2. I would totally buy the bathing suit cover for myself! hehe Instead, I bought them for my daughters, too. Have a great weekend!