Sunday, January 3, 2010

Anthropologie New Arrivals Picks: January '10

Here's what's on my list! Do you have any Anthropologie new arrival crushes?

--btw I found the bracelet I wrote about in the previous post online - it is under jewelry new arrivals and is called the Bauble-Bath Bracelet, Item #944556.


Bouquet of Stripes Tee $68
Bauble-Bath Bracelet $38


  1. I am loving the bouquet of stripes tee!

    I think it is a conspiracy that these retailers come out with such fab new arrivals right after we spend so much at holiday! sigh

    Such trickery!

    Don't forget to enter our JCrew necklace giveaway!!!

  2. Well,you know I love that cardi since it was on my list too!!

  3. Just found your blog through Roxy and so glad I did!! I live in the south so your title drew me right in, plus I love Anthro too!! Love your finds.


  4. It's funny because I haven't really been THAT into Anthro before, but lately I've been taking notice. LIKE BIG TIME. I think they have some really beautiful and unique pieces :)

  5. OOh, you have inspired me to shop for spring. I have been recovering from my sugery and honestly just wearing t's and jeans.

    I guess it's time to think about spring and fashion again. Thanks for getting me interested in shopping again.

    Happy New Year! ~ Mindy

  6. thanks Eleanor & Julie!
    DEA - thank you & thanks so much for visiting :)
    GIngersnap - I agree - I am finding much, much to like there these days!
    Mindy - hope your recuperating is going well. Happy New Year to you too!