Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Cinnamon Spice Annelise That Was Almost Mine

On Friday after Anthropologie, I ran over to J Crew to check out new arrivals and peruse the sale. All the sale items were an additional 30% off and there were a lot of items marked down so I was pretty sure I would find something. I was thrilled to pieces when I saw one of my website-stalking items: the Annelise Ruffle Cami in Cinnamon Spice - just one - in exactly my size hanging on the sale rack! Now, I have this in melon and love it but I've been really wanting it in this sold-out spicy color too.

Since I already own this style, I wasn't going to try it on but I had several other items and when I was in the fitting room I thought I'd try it on just in case. As I was unbuttoning it, I was horrified (Maybe that's too strong a word. Maybe not.) to see this:

About 50 little pin pokes. This lovely little top was obviously previously on a display mannequin and pinned to within an inch of its life.

Now I understand fitting it on the display - but this seems a little excessive. And why did it have to be wadded up so small and secured in this way? And then to just be hung on the rack in this condition?

I've purchased items off of mannequins from stores like ATL when that was my size and the last one left and I haven't ever seen this. It seems the sales associate just slipped the items off - no unpinning required.

I showed it to the (very nice) sales associate and she said that the holes usually steamed out and she'd be happy to steam it for me but I'd have to wait ten minutes for the steamer to warm up. A couple of little holes I wouldn't have worried about too much - but this many - I'd just be afraid at least one or two of them could run. Besides, I'd already been in the store for awhile and need to go so didn't want to wait.

So I left my Annelise...

And the worst part about this is that the sale was Final Sale... so if I had just purchased I probably wouldn't have noticed all the holes until I was home and I don't own a professional steamer.

So please check out your purchases carefully! I also saw another silk blouse on the sale rack that I really liked - can't think of the style now - again, just one in my size, but it had very obviously been worn (tell-tale "tucked in" wrinkles all around the waist) and after the ABC video on clean clothes I just didn't want to buy it, steamed or not.



  1. Sorry about the are lucky you noticed before you got out of the store! I had a similar experience last week at JC...I found a coral colored scarf (can't remember official JC name) in the sale section and picked it up. As it turns out , I had to stand in line for quite a while as the person ahead of me was doing a big return. After 5 minutes or so I decided to look the scarf over and lo and behold , there were two or three small holes and two or three mysterious smudges. I asked the SA if they had another (no) or if they would discount the item further. Was told "no, JC does not knowingly sell damaged products!". I actually would have bought this anyway, if they had discounted it more (was $29.99 on sale, plus 20% off) as a scarf you can twist and fold to hide the flaws, but they wouldn't sell it to me after I pointed out the problems!

  2. A good iron w/ a steam feature on it will blast out the pin holes too.

    Working retail I can tell you that everything gets pinned on the mannequins and busts to give them that crisp, flawless look - only I make sure my people steam them BEFORE they hit the floor!
    I guess it was not meant to be-but it sure was pretty!

  3. WOW~ That's a total bummer! :( But keep watchin' the site for those popbacks! ;)

  4. Usually at JCrew they won't try to resell the mannequin clothes for that reason. I know I've asked before and the SA would tell me it's not even worth trying to take off because she knows it'll be mostly ruined. I think the silk tops get it the worst.

  5. How annoying! I have to get better at checking clothes--I've been lucky so far! But I hate trying things on, so I basically just buy it if it's in my size. :)

  6. It is unbelievable that they would just put the top in such condition out on the shop floor.

    You are absolutely right, it is important to check the item before purchasing, especially if it is final sale.

  7. wow, they really did a number on that top! Good thing you caught it!

  8. Oh goodness, I can't believe they would try to sell that. If the SA knows the holes come out w/ a good steaming why don't they steam it and THEN put it on the sale rack?!

  9. Wow! I always suspected that they pinned up the clothes on the mannequins but I never realized to what extent. I can't believe the SA told you that it would steam out! The holes will flatten but they always be there and like you said, they could run. I wonder if they could just use some fashion tape or would that leave residue? Regardless, it should never be offered for sale.

  10. The exact same thing happen to me the other day. I tried on the top and didnt see the holes, because it was in the back of the blouse. I am returning tomorrow. J.crew customer service the store should take it back, and if for some reason they don't I can ship it to J.Crew. I have around 7 pin holes on the silk blouse(Evie ruffled top).