Monday, January 25, 2010

OOTD 1.25.10 {+ I bought one more pair of pink shoes today}

How many pairs of pink Tory Burch shoes does one girl need?

Just one more, apparently.

But first, today's OOTD... since it was pouring -- pouring -- last night (and in the middle of the night I woke up to rain pounding the skylights) I thought it would be a good day for the kate spade Randis. Wouldn't you know, by mid-morning it's all sunny. I'm keeping them on anyway -- the ground is still wet.

Petit Bateau dress in black, black leggings, Target marl wrap sweater, kate spade Randi rainboots

Now for the shoes. I decided to go to Nordstrom Rack this morning for a quick scan of the goods. That place is so hit or miss for me and I don't go regularly but I have found some really nice scores there.

I've been in Spring/Summer shoe mode lately so I went to the little "designer" shoe area -- they will have kate spade, Burberry, Coach, Tory Burch, Taryn Rose, etc here... once I even found a pair of orange Jimmy Choo flats... should have bought those. No must-haves there for me today so I walked down the overwhelmingly stocked regular shoe section and wouldn't you know it...

...on a low shelf sat one little Tory Burch Kelsey Wedge Sandal in Arabian Pink in just my size, marked to $94.90 less 35% ($61.68) which is a very nice markdown from the original $250.00 last summer. And I did have my eye on these last summer.

So, I went to the shoe counter and the sales associate retrieved the match for me and I happily brought home my little score. I am pretty sure I can now keep myself from buying any more pink shoes this year. This is quite a different pink from my Millers and the flops anyway... these lean just a smidge toward coral, while those are more fruit punch and hot pink.

Tory Burch Kelsey Wedge Sandal in Arabian Pink croc print - no box but that's OK for $188.32 off

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week.



  1. What an amazing deal and they look so great! Congrats!

  2. Wow - score!! That's a great deal and definitely super cute when the sun comes out! Yay!!

  3. You can never have enough pink shoes - never, ever. Those are gorgeous!!!

    Santa bought me those hot pink rain boots of yours for Christmas, even though I've been really bad!

  4. That is such a great deal!! I personally don't own any pink shoes...I definitely think that it is time to add a pair to my collection!

  5. Wow! I agree, never enough pink shoes. Especiall pink TB shoes:) I LOVE THESE! I think these may be my favorite, out of all the pairs you got lately. Something about them............making me want to go browsing at my Nordstrom Rack to see if there are any goodies...:)

  6. ....besides, it's the one thing I can wear and still feel cute in, pregnant:)

  7. What a fun find! I just recently bought my first pair of TBs, and I think I am a new life-long customer!

  8. it's funny when things work out like that :)

  9. Love those shoes. what a great buy!!

  10. You are a Tory Burch fiend! I am so jealous!

  11. I just love those rain boots! So cute with that little bow on them. And of course, you picked the perfect sandals, have such a great shoe collection!

  12. thank you everyone for the nice comments!
    Phyllis - Yay! hope you're enjoying your boots :)