Monday, January 4, 2010

Anthropologie: Super Sale Mystery Cardi

**Update: mystery solved, much thanks to Roxy: it is Tabitha's Marled Bolero and I was able to find a cached Anthro pic online:**

Marled Bolero - originally $128.00
Anthropologie's cardi, Anthropologie's pic

Here is another Anthropologie piece I found shopping with Mom that she went back and bought for me for Christmas. I can't find it online but I remember it had a huge markdown - it was under $30 with the original retail waaay above that. The brand is Tabitha and it is an acrylic/wool/poly blend.

There were several in-store hanging on a fixture and when I see such a big markdown with so many of an item left, I generally think something must be off about it - fit, etc. I tried it on anyway because I loved the marl knit and colors, and was pleasantly surprised that I really liked it on.

It is extremely warm -- very thick and cozy -- but the wide cropped sleeves, short length, and single hook closure make it so that it is not overwheming or suffocating. Just the perfect thing to throw on when the house feels a little cool or it is chilly out. To me it has that home-made, one-a-kind feel that I love to stumble upon at Anthropologie.

So far I have only tried it over ivory/white, but I am on the look-out for turtlenecks and tees in the right brown or pinks/burgundies to wear under it also.

If anyone has seen this online or on Polyvore and has a name for it, please let me know!



  1. Oh, that is so cute! I love the colors! And the fact that you got anything at Anthro for under thirty dollars deserves a round of applause!

  2. I LOVE Anthro! What a great find! I can't believe it was under $30!

  3. I did not see that at my store! LOVE the colors in the red/rust. How pretty!

  4. It's by Tabitha right? If so it's the Marled Bolero. You look lovely!

  5. I picked the same sweater up as well for 29.99. Such a steal. I will probably wear brown under it. :)

  6. Julie, Jen & Pamela - thank you! :)
    Roxy - yes, Tabitha. Thanks so much for the name - I was hoping you'd stop by! :)
    Blondmoma - I agree - I think brown is the best with it. :)