Friday, January 8, 2010

OOTD 1.7.10: Shore Pink + Gold

I'm not showing the whole outfit because, honestly, I'm just wearing jeans and Uggs again (brown Uggs with this though - day before was gray).

But I just love the color combo of J Crew's shore pink with the shimmery gold of the Haley Foil Cardigan, so I snapped a couple pics.

(And of course I had to add a scarf with that great new twisty hacking knot before I left the house.)

J Crew Ruffles and Roses Tissue Tank in Shore Pink, J Crew Haley Foil Cardigan

Ann Taylor wool scarf in black (years ago)



  1. Love that top, I tried it on but didn't end up getting it because I was buying way too much other stuff at the time. Great color combo!

  2. So pretty! Great way to add some shimmer to another cold day. And I do like that scarf trick :)

  3. i also love that tank-----so pretty with the gold. do you love the tank? have you styled it with other cardigans? hmmmmmm:)

  4. I just saw that top at the store yesterday. I didn't try it on but it looks super cute on you!

  5. thanks everybody :)
    mrs.a - I haven't tried it with anything else - yet . I do love it - the ruffles & flowers are just perfect & it's a great color. :)

  6. okay,quick question: i really love that tank and don't have anything like it. Should i order my usual size M or size up to a L, considering I am 16 weeks preggo and would like to wear it for a few months........but then again, i don't want it to be huge and would like to wear after baby...aahhhh!!

  7. I think if I were you I'd order my usual size.