Friday, January 15, 2010

OOTD 1.14.10 Gray & Berry Floral {now $6.25!}

Can you believe these sweaters had their price slashed in half again? Yes, this floral cardi ($25, then $12.50) and the other cardi that I posted just the other day were marked to $6.25 when I was in Target yesterday.

Unfortunately, Target will not price adjust to these clearance prices (I asked). But - many others were also at this price point - including basic cable v-necks and crewnecks. I purchased a brown cable v-neck (they also had black ), pictured at the end of the post. Most of these super-sale sweaters were folded on a display but some were also hung on 75% -off rounders by size.

Merona Printed Cardigan in Berry, ON tee, Joe's Jeans, Uggs in Gray, Target necklace

Necklace Hematite/N10505HEM #215000337 - $14.99

ps - I got a shopittome alert this morning that Nordstrom has some great markdowns on Tory Burch shoes - so I ordered three pairs which should be here by the end of the month! Looks like more TB reviews coming soon!

I hope everyone has a great Friday!



  1. I like how the color of the necklace goes so well with the grey in the cardigan.

    Congrats on your new shoes! Did you order more Revas or some other Tory Burch shoes?

    I love Revas, I am thinking of getting a pair of leather ones and also Jelly Revas for the summer. They come in so many different colors, it is hard to choose just one.

    Decisions, decisions ...

  2. The cardi looks WONDERFUL on you!! Can't believe the prices. Wow!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Can't wait to see your new Torys!

  4. Darn, i wish i could have snagged some TB shoes on sale at nordstrom! i just looked on the website and didn't see any on sale! My bday is coming up and i could use some new TB shoes:)

  5. Hi Mona,
    I ordered Sophies, Millers, and some flip-flops. Hopefully they all ship!
    Beth - thanks!
    Sarah Mina - thanks, me too!
    mrs.a - Really?! They had the brown Sophies in just about every size when I ordered but that was this morning... I hope mine all ship! And keep checking for popbacks! :)

  6. You are very welcome :)

    And don't worry about shipping, they will (ship) and you'll be enjoying your shoes very soon!

  7. The cardi looks great on you. Each Target does markdowns differently. I believe the dept head is in charge of what gets marked down or not. It's not nesc dictated by corporate and across the board at all stores. I hope anyone who wants the cardi finds it at that bargain. Great price!