Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What I Bought at Lands' End {+ a new polyvore group!}

I promise I will not be writing exclusively about Lands' End... I still love J Crew, Louis Vuitton, OPI nail polish, talking travel, and taking pictures of what I am cooking/eating ;) ... but I wanted to post my purchases from yesterday.

I also wanted to let any fellow Polyvore-aficionadas know that I just started a new group! I did a search on Lands' End and couldn't find anything... so I put together "Living in Lands' End" which should be easy to find... one set, one member - that's me! Update: two sets! three members! thanks, mrsanketell and JBinSF! :)

Please feel free to join me and submit sets if you are liking what's coming out for Spring as much as I do!

And here's what I just could not leave at the store yesterday:

The Tretorn Nylites in Navy $55, The Striped Jersey Boatneck Sailor T-shirt in True Navy/Ivory $29.50, and the Cotton Linen Gauze Scarf in True Navy Diamond $29.50

I first tried on my usual 8.5 and they were fine but the 9 gave me a roomier fit in the toe, without slipping at all in the heel, so I went with the 9. The (super sweet) saleslady told me that people were all over the Tretorn shoe display yesterday. I can't remember exactly how she said it, but it was so cute... something about buzzing around like bees to a hive or something. Anyway, they've apparently been very popular and I believe I only saw one 8.5 and one 9, which I bought, left in the navy.

These come in little girls' sizes also, priced at $35 and $45, and while my six-year-old says she probably wouldn't wear them, my eight-year-old would love a pair and said she wants to get the same color as mine and wear them on the same day. How sweet is that?!

I absolutely love the scarf and have it on right now with a white tee and navy cardi. I've never really thought about wearing casual spring-y/summer-y scarves before but I really like them! They just pull your outfit together a bit and are very nice if you get a slight breeze or it's not really quite that warm. They just add a little something to an otherwise super simple/cas outfit.

The striped tee I had been planning on getting in the other colorway, but it wasn't in yet and I really like they way this one looks under bright yellow and orange and light pink - would be great under red too - so I decided to go ahead and get this one. I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it.

Now, here are the little cards that they have at the cashwrap. It looks like they may be giving them out when you make a purchase, to use on your next purchase. I asked about them and the SA applied right away. I'll be back for sure, anyway!

Inside is a barcode for an in-store purchase and a promotion code/PIN for an online purchase. They are printed in little white boxes and appear to be one time use only. The card pictured on the left is good through February 28th and the one on the right is good March 1 - March 31. The promo is $15 off of a $75 purchase of full-price Lands' End merchandise. They say they may be used at the Lands' End shop at Sears or at Lands' End Inlet.



  1. Great new stuff! The scarf is really pretty. I used to wear Tretorns too!!! :)

  2. I love your purchases--aren't navy/white the best?

    I just joined your PV group! I've done very little up there (still trying to figure out how to do it to some extent) but will try to do more this spring.

  3. I did go to Sears today to check out the new merchandise! I loved the shirt dress with the full skirt! Totally comfortable on and it will be a great dress for spring, summer and fall.

    I was disappointed in the Tretorn though. They used to be lined with a nice terry cloth material and now they are not. :( They look so cute, but I don't think my feet will like them! Thanks for your reviews!

  4. Hey there! I read your blog everyday just have never left a comment. I buy Lands End for my son, they have great shirts for his uniform. I just placed my first order yesterday for me!! I ordered the sunshower swing coat in Navy. I think it is going to be adorable! I have a pair of burgundy Burberry rain boots and I think these are going to look great with the navy. I also ordered 2 chino mini skirts from the Canvas section. I hope they work out! Have a great day!!

  5. thanks Beth!
    Ann - I agree - I always feel good in the classics like white/navy. That's my comfort zone! Thanks for joining the pv group :)
    Sarah Mina - thanks - me too :)
    Kathy - thanks for the info on the Tretorns! I didn't remember that... it's probably been 20 years since I've bought a pair.
    musthavejcrew - That coat in navy with burg rainboots sounds perfect... and like something I should be wearing most of the time :) Hope the miniskirts work out too... I will definitely be ordering online from LE to get the rights sizes/colors for me and the kids too so it's good to hear what people think, thank you.

  6. Love your site; I'm in the Seattle area as well and it's so nice to have a virtual reconnaissance shopper for this area (I jumped all over those Target gloves this winter)! Love your finds and outfit ideas because they're always cute and functional, which all moms need! I had NO IDEA there was even a Lands' End bricks-and-mortar store... received their kids catalog in the mail today and I'm going crazy over the cute/classic/reasonably-priced spring line. Thanks again for such salient tips!

  7. I'm a sucker for navy and I love that scarf! Great picks!

  8. Love that scarf, too!! I was just there and had my eye on the red colored scarf, in the same pattern. Now i need it!! Love all of your finds, too:) I learned how to pair navy with pink, from you. Never would have thought to put those colors together, had I not read your blog. So, thank you:)

  9. Lands' End needs to call you up stat! You are making me want to give them a shot.

  10. You look cute with that outfit! And I'm totally surprised that it came from Lands' End. Totally.

  11. Love the look today. Great transition pieces.

    I ordered the striped tee this morning in both colors. Also one of their cotton cardies in navy.

  12. Bagels for Breakfast - thank you for the kind words! Virtual Reconnaissance Shopper - I love it! :)
    audreybella - thanks!
    mrs. a - thank you :)
    roxy - totally different from Anthro but I find I can incorporate both (and more). Thanks for stopping by! :)
    DEA - thanks :)
    Phyllis - Thanks! I've been considering getting both too. Hope you love them!

  13. Cuteness! OK, maybe I'm slow, but how do you get Land's End images to Polyvore? I find that the clipper never works on the LE site.

  14. Hi Bex - I can only get it to work from the main pages of items. If I click on an item, then it just enlarges when I try to clip. Once I get it to pv off the main page, I do a custom background to get just the item.

  15. Success! Thanks for the help. :)