Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a Crock Pot Kind of Day

Target's Crock Pot, Target's pic

It's one of those days (we all know those days) where I have just a bit of time in the morning and then need to take care of a million things and run from one thing to another (with a break for lunch and a Lego-building date with my son) and will be just rolling in the driveway with three tired, hungry kids at 6:00 pm.

This happens around here twice a week and that is why

I. love. crockpots.

Tonight is Mango Barbequed Chicken, one of my old stand-bys, recipe here. I'll serve with cole slaw from the deli, rolls from the bakery, and mashed potatoes (from the Country Crock tub, don't judge ;) )

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I recently discovered the wonder of crockpots and now we're planning on using ours once a week. It's just so NICE to have dinner ready when you come home! Thanks for the recipe :)

  2. oh, that sounds so yummy and easy!! i may to copy this for tomorrow night!! thank you!!!

  3. My BF loves the crockpot and I love casseroles (like the ones made with Campbell Soup), so is no judging about foods and tools that are there to make life more convenient. I "Shooked 'n Baked" some dinner the other night.

    Plus some of that stuff is just good.

  4. Lisa - soooo funny! I did the shake n bake last night too! A recipe came in my inbox yesterday from Kraft for chicken you shake n bake and then put a cream of celery/milk/cheese sauce over so I made it last night. A lot of those cream soup recipes are just plain comfort food :)
    mrs.a & Stylestance - thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Sounds like comfort food to me too...especially on this rainy afternoon in the Pacific Northwest!
    I am serving homemade chicken mushroom soup and artisan loaf of bread tonight while we watch the Olympics.

  6. Sounds delicious! I am actually thinking of buying a Crock Pot, saw it at Target over weekend.

    Looking forward to more of your Crock Pot recipes!

  7. Heyyy--I think you posted this recipe before cuz I remember making it and my Son really liked it!!! smile

  8. hostess - that sounds great
    Mona - you should! love mine.
    yogagirl - oh great! thanks :)