Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OOTD 2.1.10: Featuring My New LV!

So here's what was in that big brown bag:

The Totally MM in Damier Azur

The size and shape is similar to a Neverfull MM -- I use my Neverfull sooo often so I know I will enjoy using this a lot -- I like the lighter colors of Damier Azur for Spring and Summer (and I think it looks great with pink shoes!). This style differs from the Neverfull in that it has a zip top and outer pockets and doesn't have quite as much interior capacity.

I've been asked about price differences in Hawaii vs. the rest of the US and have been told they are around 3% and 10% less in Hawaii by different sales associates. I think it depends on if you are factoring in sales tax. Here tax is 4.7%. The savings before tax on retail prices is closer to 3% or so.

I found out this specific current pricing info during my two shop visits:

Neverfull MM - $675 Hawaii, $700 mainland
Keys Pouch Complice (Damier Azur) $250 Hawaii, $255 mainland
Speedy 30 - $675 Hawaii, $700 mainland
Totally MM - $950 Hawaii, $970 mainland

I love this feature -- two outer pockets sized big enough to hold magazines... or airline tickets... even my camera - I like to have it handy!

the inside is very simple - two small pockets on one side and one larger one on the other with a ring at one end you can use to attach keys or smaller LV pouch

And here is my first outfit with it:

J Crew Pop-Art Pleated Tissue Cami, ATL cardi in white, Vigoss jeans, Tory Burch Miller sandals, Louis Vuitton Totally MM in Damier Azur



  1. Congrats on your beautiful bag! It looks great on you!

    I like the fact that it has zipper and outside pockets, very convenient!

    How was the customer service at LV there? Did you have a good shopping experience?

  2. thanks! I did. I found the sales associates to be very friendly and helpful :) I shopped in two stores - the Hawaiian Villages one and then the larger one on luxury row where I bought the bag. I had a question on another LV piece I had with me, and my sales associate got the manager over right away to answer my question. And the receipt for my purchase was in the email inbox on my BlackBerry almost immediately after I walked out of the store.

  3. Congrats on the new bag. I love the Totally. It looks so functional with all the pockets. It looks great with your outfit too.

  4. Great bag! I love the outer pockets, too.

  5. You look fab!!!
    I love it!


  6. nice purchase, it is grteat for warmer months :-)

    I just bought an LV too, and I LOVE it!

  7. Love your new bag and pink outfit!

  8. love the new bag and really love the new outfit! sooo cute.

  9. Nice choice on the LV bag, I think it is timeless and will go with many outfits...congrats!

  10. This bag is in my wishlist and what a great idea to get it in Hawaii. I also have that tissue cami from couple years ago. Cute with your TB. :-)

  11. LOVE it. I've been thinking about getting that bag. I tend to like bags that are uncomplicated with open tops or zip tops. Hope you continue to have a wonderful trip!

  12. Congrats on the new bag! I have the Damier Azur in the Speedy 30 and love it.

  13. Drooling....! I love it! You will look fabulous carrying that around :)

  14. LOVE it! i just got the neverfull in the DA and now I want them to make the Totally in the graphite (wishing and hoping they will make that pring for women)

  15. LOVE the coloring of your new LV Bag!! Gorgeous and perfect for spring/summer. Adorable outfit, really loving those TB Miller's!!!!

  16. Fantastic choice! I am trying to decide between the NF MM and the Totally MM. The Totally looks better in Azur IMO - thanks for the helpful pics!