Friday, February 5, 2010

The Hawaiian Villages, Waikiki

I hadn't even thought to get a sunset pic but Beth reminded me just in time and I took several snaps our last night! -- thanks, Beth!

Traveling with three little ones is not the easiest! Anyone who has three or more children and has tried to book a hotel online has probably run into the same thing we do all the time: over max capacity for room/suite. We don't want to split up and be in two rooms... vacations are such great family together time... but often even in suites, hotels won't let you book for over 4 people.

Grand Waikikian to the rescue! We were able to easily book this place online as part of a package with our airline tickets. It is either a newly renovated or newly built tower (not sure which) and beautiful! They do time-share sales there but going to a presentation is optional and they don't push it -- in fact they barely even mentioned it which was very nice! This place would also be great if you are traveling with grandparents along or with another couple. I believe max capacity for our place was six.

There are many acres and towers and pools and shops (Hawaiian jewelry, island-style clothing, a nice sized Louis Vuitton, etc), restaurants, ice cream, Starbucks, etc that comprise the Hawaiian Villages. All that info is best gotten directly from them, but I wanted to share some IRL snaps I took while there. These are of the grounds as well as some interior shots of where we stayed:

love the crocodile made of towels!

Didn't find this till the 2nd night, and so happy we did! They even supplied laundry soap!

Yay Friday!



  1. seriously! laundry in your room?? that's a dream! trying not to be jealous!

  2. Oh my gosh Lissa - I was so happy to be able to do laundry!! :)

  3. Oh these pictures are beautiful! I really want to visit this place - I really hate flying though. I know you have issues with it to - how do you deal so well?

    Laundry is the room is fabulous! We stayed in a resort once that had it and I was in love. I think any place where people tend to book longer stays, especially with kids, should have laundry.

  4. Wow, the rooms look wonderful! I am glad you all had a great vacation. I hope to visit Hawaii in the future (hopefully sooner than later)!

  5. Yay.....My SUNSET!!!....ahhhhhh.
    A Hawaiian sunset!!! Beautiful! Thanks girl.
    Your room is fab. I really love having a little laundry area in a guest room. You don't have to pack as much stuff.
    All the pics are just great. I love the flamingos!! So much fun. I am going to go back and read in detail now. Thanks for all the cool posts....I got to have a little mini aloha vacation. ;0


  6. I have vicariously just lived through you and your fabulous vacation!
    Thank you for sharing, and as a mom, I agree that any hotel that provides laundry facilities is the coolest place to stay!

  7. thanks Eleanor - I love reading about/seeing pics from others' travel adventures too, so I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Finding an unexpected washer and dryer really did rock! :)

  8. ahhhhhh, what a lovely vacation I had!! HA! thank you for sharing, adorable pic's of your children and your room looks absolutely divine!!

  9. Hi Sweet Tea! I COMPLETELY understand the room booking/family of 5 issue! It happened to us all the time with our 3 daughters. The real kicker was when I tried to book a trip to stay at Atlantis in the Bahamas, and they said "We can't guarantee that the two rooms will be in the same building (and in our case they would be clear across the resort from each other!) And the price was outrageous! I told them thanks but no thanks. We instead went to St. John in the US Virgin Islands and had a two story, two (incredible) bedrooms each with their own bathrooms, a living room, dining room and amazing view. It was our best vacation as a family ever! Now the girls are grown, and as you saw on my blog, one is studying in Italy, so we are travelling there to see her as well as more of Italy! and we were able to book a room that has a king size bed and two twins, a living area and private bathroom for 4! YAY! Your vacation looked fabulous, thank you for sharing all the photos with us!

  10. Love the picture of sunset! Your hotel room looks great and, of course, it is so convenient to have washer and dryer! Awesome!

  11. What a fun trip-beautiful photos! I love the towel croc :)