Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Too Many Catalogs?

There are several catalogs that I will admit to being rather excited to see in my mailbox:

J Crew: Please do not ever, ever, ever, take me off your list. Lands' End: Your latest actually got me to start a Polyvore group. Tiffany & Co.: I love to dream, thank you.

But there are many out there that I just don't even open. And those really are a waste of paper and postage.

Quite a while ago I went on Catalog Choice and signed on to be removed from certain mailing lists... then I kind of forgot about it. Well, today I received an email from them with a new promo they are having - "How One Piece of Paper Can Save Millions" - where they are asking people to print out one piece of paper - this flyer - and post it in their community:

I thought I'd try to contribute to the cause virtually, and just post it on my blog. If you want to sign up, go here.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I love my catalogs too but I do think they are very wasteful.

  2. I love Catalog Choice! If you get a catalog that they don't have listed let them know and they will add it.

  3. oh thanks! I get some random catalogs sometimes. Can't wait to make it stop. :)

  4. HEY THERE...
    Great idea!!
    I just did my part ...thanks to you...
    I am sure I just saved several trees!

    (Very easy to do by the way if anyone is wondering.)


  5. This is a genius idea! I just received a catalog from the brand "Free People" and I was like WTF???

  6. That is great! Thanks for the link!

  7. Thanks for posting this!!! When I recv'd this..I wished I had a blog where I could spread this important info around the world:) Good stuff.