Thursday, February 18, 2010

ATL Sale Rack Picks {and pics}

First off, I have to mention how much I like the palette of the new arrivals at Ann Taylor Loft right now! Coral, papaya, vanilla, gray... a gorgeous segue-way into Spring. I'm also fond of those splashy floral scarves and the move toward more origami-style embellishment as opposed to ruffles everywhere (I do still love a good ruffle.).

I have a difficult time paying full price at ATL though... there always seems to be a coupon or promotion around the corner (and does anyone know if we are due for another Friends & Family soon??)... so after a quick perusal of the new stuff, I focused on the sale racks (extra 40% off marked price!).

I'll have a post up about my new arrival picks soon, but here's what I got today:

Textured Turtleneck #235971 in Navy $59.50, $29.99 after discounts
Blooms Print Dress with Necklace Detail #236014 $89.50, $42.00 after discounts
Cowl Neck Sweater Dress #243275 in Navy $89.50, $41.99 after discounts (rang up a penny less for some reason)

I'm liking navy right now in anticipation of Spring and it's been a long while since I've worn a Shaker knit. I like this one a lot. This is no longer available online, but you can search by the style number online to see if you can find it at a store. This one's size S.

The floral dress I tried on when it first came out and seriously thought about paying full price... I tried on both the 4 and the 6 and went with the 6. The fits were close but I wanted this to feel more breezy & tunic-like. It is lined and not stretchy rayon/cotton. I'm going to love this with gold sandals in the Spring. Still available online in limited sizes.

On the knit dress, I went with a Petite M. I grabbed it mistakenly - I thought I had a regular S. When I tried on the regular S though, the little gathers and waist just didn't seem to hit right. I also like the length on the petite better. For reference, I'm just about 5'5" and don't normally buy petites. I couldn't find this one online either.

Here are some fitting room snaps:

those white splotches are lint on the mirror - not me!



  1. Nice! That floral dress is so cute, and the cut reminds me a little of the LOFT paisley tunic dress with pockets that you bought (and then I bought after I saw the pic of you in it in Vegas!!!)..? Side note: I'm wearing that paisley dress at work today and have gotten lots of use out of it, so thanks for your great style. :)

  2. Everything looks great, especially the blooms print dress!

  3. I love the Blooms Print Dress!! That is beautiful, the colors are great together!

  4. That dress is gorgeous and looks great on you.

  5. In '09, F&F was first week in May, first week in August and mid-month November - dunno if it will be the same pattern this year - I don't remember them having 3 in 08.

  6. I love the floral dress. I was at ATL last night and they didn't have that one. There are two more I may try and hit today looking for it! I love it!

  7. You picked up some CUTE STUFF-esp. the Bloom Dress!

  8. ADorable stuff!!!!!!!! Love both dresses,esp. the floral dress. What a great score!! Do you know how long ATL is having 40% off sale stuff? WIsh i could wear that dress this spring...but prob. won't be able to, sniff, sniff....hence, pregnancy!! I am so sad!

  9. Great new stuff! I really like the turtleneck and the floral dress. I need to swing by ATL to check it all out.
    See ya,


  10. What cute items and great deals. I picked up my first every pair of skinny jeans at ATL this morning - 25% off all pant purchases. There were tons of cute new arrivals but not much sale at my local store.

  11. I love all three of those pieces! I love when ATL has a sale, they always have such good prices!

  12. Such great finds! I'm a displaced southerner living in Seattle too! So glad I found your blog!

  13. Thank you everyone for your comments!
    Stylestance - I'm so glad you're enjoying that dress too. It's so pretty... I've worn it with black leggings and ballet flats too.
    mrs.a - I haven't seen anything on how long the promo is... I think sometimes they must just adjust to whenever their inventory has sold down enough
    Bianca - thank you so much for the F&F info! :)
    southern hostess - thanks and welcome! And now I've found yours too :)

  14. Great items, loving all the navy blue!!