Thursday, February 25, 2010

OOTD 2.25.10: Buff Pink + Embellished Navy

I received my size exchange for Boden's Embellished Flats a couple days ago, so despite the grayness and misty weather, I'm wearing them today for a little school volunteering and running around.

I had originally ordered the 39s - my usual size - and they were just too short. The 40s actually feel a little roomy so I guess I am in-between but there is no in-between so I do need to add a little insert. The shoes don't slip off my heel or anything but they just feel roomy... a little wide I'd say... which is unusual because though I wear medium width, I think of my feet as being a little on the wide side. Maybe I'm just used to my Revas which fit like a glove, but it's nothing a little insert won't fix. If you have a very narrow foot, I'm not sure these would work, but with Boden's frequent free ship/free return offers, there's little risk in trying. It's a gorgeous shoe!

J Crew cardi, ON tank, Joe's Jeans, Boden flats, LV Damier Speedy 30

Wow, Thursday already!



  1. I love those flats! I'm eternally on the search for nice and super-comfy ballet flats with a bit of embellishment - those look great.

    You're looking very chic today! I shudder to think of what I look like sometimes when I am just running out to grab something.

  2. I'd say that you are the best dressed school volunteer that I have ever seen...I have been working in schools for over 20 years!
    Love your LV ...would you consider a post of all your bags? I am searching for a new one....

  3. Love this whole outfit. You look great!

  4. You look so so cute! I love those shoes! Totally drool-worthy! You are going to be the cutest volunteer mom there today!

  5. Those shoes are super cute, I doubt they'd work for me (super narrow foot over here) but they look just darling on you.

  6. I am in love with that buff pink color. It is my favorite color right now. It is perfect with navy. You look great!

  7. It's hard enough finding navy shoes, but with embellishment? Cute!

    I wear medium width shoes as well, and run more on the wide side depending on the brand.. I have weird shaped feet to be perfectly honest! I'm always looking for a comfortable flat that doesn't make my feet look huge.. Reva, you think?!

  8. What a lovely outfit! I love the cardigan!

  9. The Boden flats are just adorable! You look great!

  10. love this outfit--------buff pink is one of my new favorite colors, i have a jackie cardigan in buff pink. Now, all i need are these super cute flats!!!!

  11. OMG! Between the shoes and the Lands' End...I crave your closet.

  12. Very pretty. Here in Virginia the mud is too deep for cute flats after 3 feet of snow, we roll on lovely boots... jealous of the ability to wear shoes!

  13. Oh my GOSH....the SHOES!

    Yes....agree with Blushing Hostess above.....We are all still in boots here in VA.
    I would ruin my cute shoes otherwise ;0

    You look great!! Good colors.


  14. Lisa - thank you!
    hostess - thanks! I can get a post together on that... I need to get them organized!
    MCC, Jennifer, Summer, ms. mindless - thanks so much!
    Hill - I have to say I love my Revas. I'm also really comfortable in the TB Reese style.
    gCe, Mona, Amanda, Mrs.a - thanks!
    roxy - And I would love to shop YOUR closet! :)
    Blushing Hostess and Beth - thanks and I hope y'all get a break from that weather soon!