Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Visit to Lands' End

So after leafing through the current Lands' End catalog and reading everyone's comments and opinions, I just had to make a run to Sears today to check things out in person.

First off, look at this cute set-up:

There was an extensive sale section for Fall/Winter (most of the department), which they are calling Winter's End and marking prices 20% to 50% off (I saw a LOT of 50% off), and shoes were 70% off (yes! they have shoes!). I am pretty sure these percentages were off of already reduced marked prices. Some great deals, but I didn't find anything I loved left in my size.

There was also a big swim/resort section but I didn't see the sailor tee I was interested in so asked the sales associate. She was extremely helpful and nice. She said that they would be starting the new store-set that night and that most all of the Spring merchandise was still packed up in boxes in the back and offered to check and see if the tee was back there. When she checked, they only had the petite size in the navy w/white stripe. I'd like to get the other colorway and in a regular size so I passed but I did get to feel the fabric and it is a very nice, thick, heavy knit. Not a regular tee shirt material - almost a sweater knit, if that makes sense. I love it. It's on the list.

I was also happy to see these:

The classic Tretorn Nylite shoe! They had this one with navy and one that was all white. They are priced at $55.00. I remember these from school days way (way) back and these are a must-have on my list. Besides, the only other slightly similar shoe I have are the ones I work out in (or will soon be working out in again, I promise) and Hubby has told me it's not good for running shoes to be worn day to day & out and about.

I tried on a couple of the current cardis:

Fine Gauge Drape Cardigan in Pewter Heather, size small - $69.50

Supima Fine Gauge Cardigan in Soft Fern, size small - $39.50

I really like this cardigan! This was the last one in my size and was on a display (hence the one rolled up sleeve) and had a little grease mark on it so I didn't get it, but I will be ordering. This is very similar to the J Crew Jackie but it is a more substantial, thicker fabric. I do prefer J Crew's colors -- I wish this came in a baby pink! -- but I have to say that the Desert Brown and Misty Lavender Jackies I bought last year are looking a little worn these days. I need cardis that can hold up to a good bit of wear, being wrapped around my waist, tossed in a bag, and machine washed. I think this one will!

The sales associate also told me if you want something that they don't have in the store, they will order it for you with free shipping to your home.

Lastly, I must share this adorable look for the little ones. I am going to show this to my girls and I really hope one of them likes it:

I love baby pink with navy. They also had an outfit like this put together with the jacket in navy, a skirt out of the same fabric, and a yellow/white stripe tee. Also adorable! The tee looks much like the mommy one but it is a true t-shirt knit. Very soft.

We used to live in Boston and were able to visit a lot of the beautiful surrounding area. While I haven't been to Maine or Rhode Island in years, I can totally picture the family on a rocky beach having a clambake or eating lobster rolls when I look at this outfit!

Happy Weekend!



  1. Every once in awhile I make a trek to the local Lands End Inlet store near me. They have FP merchandise as well as "outlet" items, including bed and bath. LE has great bedding and towels.

  2. You are SO funny----I was just there, too, today! I went to check out their ballet flats,and i didn't really like them:( However, I did notice TONS of stuff on sale, and things I did like, I actually had that very same "Drape Cardgian" in my hand! Didn't get it b.c. i have another just like it, from Gap. I do love that color green cardigan, as well! Such a different color, for spring/summer. Did you notice the cute beach dresses?? So cute, for twenty dollars, they are cotton and came in pink, brown, black, blue, and white.

  3. I like the second cardigan, the color is lovely! Are the buttons white? Because on the website it looks like they are in different color.

    I agree about JCrew "Jackie" cardigan! I ordered two but ended up returning them because of the quality issue. I love the range of colors they come in, but not the quality.

    Thanks for the LE review!

  4. Funny--I just placed an LE order last night! I ordered the sailor tee in the navy with white stripes, and the Tretorns with the well as a pair of leather flip-flops (bright green--they look really cute and I generally have good luck with LE flip-flops). The cardigan looks great for spring; I own many styles of LE cardigans and the quality really is great.

    Thank you for your reviews and for your wonderful blog. My kids are the age of yours and I used to live in Seattle, so I can live vicariously through you!!

  5. Ditto on the Jackie quality comment. I have so many cardigans, they only get worn a few times, and the jackies look like they've been worn for years! I won't buy them anymore. I did have a Lands End navy cardigan from years ago - and they really do hold up to everything - even washing - really well. Thanks for the review!

  6. Pamela - I forgot about their towels & bedding - thanks for reminding me :)
    mrs.a - I know we could be great shopping buddies! I did NOT see those dresses! I will check next time. I did see a couple very nice ones but I believe they were closer to $60 - $70?
    Mona - I can't remember exactly - I think the buttons were an ivory/shell but not sure. I do plan on ordering the cardi though - it just felt great on & I loved the quality, plus it's well priced.
    Ann - I love all your picks! I must get that boatneck and the Tretorns!
    Suzy - thanks for stopping by! I just wish LE had a wider range of colors - I don't need the basics and most of the others won't really go with what I have. I think I can work the fern with some navy or pink though. :)

  7. So fun - I always forget to check out the store in Sears unless I'm returning something. Last return I did, I got a cute white vneck tee for about $6. And aren't their dressing rooms nice??

    thanks for sharing!!

  8. Thanks for the LE review. I'm going to my local Sears to check out the cardigans. Great price on those and cute colors. The CSR at Land's End Canvas also let me know that if you order from their collection at Sears the shipping is free.

  9. Great review. We have a nice,new Lands End dept. that recently opened in a mall (Sears) near my house. Talk about great service!!
    I like the green cardi on you....really good fit. make sure you order that one. :)


  10. Thanks for sharing the pics and info about ordering on the phone in-store, etc...

  11. FYI--I was in Talbots today and picked up a Jackie-like cardigan in pale pink, on sale for $28.99. Fabric content is 77% pima cotton, 20% nylon, 3% Lycra. I didn't see it online when I did a quick check, but stores may have it...mine (Old Orchard, IL) had a small and several larges.