Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super Cute Spring Jammies {Nick & Nora for Target}

Bunnies serving up plum jam and hiding under teacups? Yes, please!

I went in for garbage bags and toothpaste, and came out with three of the cutest pairs of jammies. Isn't that how it is at Target?

I have some of Nick and Nora for Target's flannel sleepwear from a year or two ago and I must say they've held up better than similar PJ Salvage from Nordstrom purchased around the same time. These are very nice quality, priced well, and cute-as-can-be!

Here's what I picked up today:

"bunnies" pj set pink/255112 (woven 100% cotton) $24.99

"fuschia arabesque" pj set blue/255112 (woven 100% cotton) $24.99

cute ruffle hem

"bunnies lamb" pj set white/252399 (95% cotton/5% spandex knit) $21.99

way too much vintage-y cuteness!

I also tried on a couple other cute things and bought one of the new Liberty of London dresses... more posts on Target next week!

Happy Weekend!



  1. how did you get a Liberty of London dress already? They aren't supposed to be out until March 15??? acckk- I'm going to Target!

  2. Cute bunnies lamb print on those PJs! Nothing like cute comfy home wear.

    Wait a minute - is Libery of London out already at the Tar-jay?!
    ::hightails it to Target, tires squealing::

  3. Peggy and Lisa - I noticed this with another collaboration line a while back... sometimes a few things get put out early. There was no signage/display or anything but I just noticed three dresses and two swimsuits hanging on a fixture where they usually put the Go International - the florals looks suspiciously Liberty-esque so I checked the tags and yep - Liberty of London! I will now be stalking frequently for those cups and teapot just in case they get put out before the 15th. :)

  4. I want a Target in Canada! Love the cute detail on the bottom of the arabesque PJ'S....and Liberty of London, Target sounds much more upscale than I imagined!

  5. Oh!
    I have been very anxious & excited about checking out the Liberty of London line at Target! Everytime I see the commercial I just hope it all doesn't get gone before I can venture off Bainbridge Island and get myself to Target!
    Hey...maybe I'll pop over to and see if they have these adorable pj's.
    You know what I adore about these jammies...the little ruffles to cap off the sleeves and pant hems...I am assuming these are 3/4 length sleeves and cropped leg pants...which is what I need...I am short!;o)
    So glad you posted this.
    Oh how I need some new cute pj's!
    Oh...I know you live in Seattle!
    We just got back from having breakfast at The Farm Kitchen. It was featured in The Seattle Times on the Weekend Magazine.
    You and friends or family should check it out. They serve breakfast on the first Saturday of every can find it on the internet. I am going to post about it next Friday I believe! xxooxx
    Happy Weekend!
    Popping over to ;o)

  6. OK, now I will be at Target every day this week! hahaha
    I did run over there and saw the Jean Paul G. line -it's one day early, but I only liked one dress really and the fabric was funky, like made out of an umbrella!

  7. I love Nick and Nora jammies! I have a pair from last winter with elephants ice skating and I love them!

  8. I was just at the Northgate Target yesterday and must not have looked closely enough! (ok, I was looking to see if the JPG stuff was out early) I think I definitely have to try Northgate again tomorrow, thanks for the heads up :)

  9. I too am excited that Liberty is being put out early! What Target were you at?

    Love the PJs!

  10. looove the pj's, thanks for posting!! you always give the cutest ideas on things. must check these out-----esp. the second pair!!

  11. LOVE the vintage pjs. Awesome Target picks!

  12. The retro bunny pj's are soooo cute! I'm definitely making a Target run tomorrow. Can hardly wait to see your new dress!

  13. which Liberty of London dress did ya get?

  14. hostess - yes, Target has some really nice things!

    Teresa - I hope you find the jammies - I didn't see them online yet but they are brand new so maybe soon. Yes, they are 3/4 sleeved and cropped. I wore the bright ones last night - so cute and comfortable and great quality! I'll look for your restaurant review - sounds great!

    Peggy - I haven't seen any of the JPG yet... the LoL dress I got is called the Halter Dress Ebony Floral/243314. It has a black knit top with a floral skirt. I'll try to get pics up soon :)

    Summerilla - those sound so cute. Yes, I love N&N!

    Scarlet - yes, I always check to see if anything's out early... sounds like this LoL line is going to sell through quickly!

    Kristin - I think it must have been a mistake that they got put out a little early! I'm in the Seattle area... I would start checking your local Target(s) just in case other stores are putting a few pieces out! (I hope they don't pull them off the floor!)

    mrs.a - thanks! I wore those last night! Hubby remarked on how cute they were and my 8 yr old asked if they were Lilly Pulitzer :)

    Amy - thanks! thanks for stopping by! :)

    Phyllis - thanks! tons of cute things for Spring seem to be coming out at Target just over this last week :)