Thursday, March 18, 2010

Korres Lipgloss Trio

I love my Korres lipwear... the lip butter, lipsticks... and this Cherry Full Color Gloss which is my favorite gloss. When I was in Sephora recently checking out some Benefit, I noticed this collection in three shades: #33 Nude, #25 Natural Purple (don't worry - not purple purple), and #54 Fuchsia, priced at $19.50. They are the same .20 oz size as the singles that sell for $17 each.

The Nude and Purple are very natural-looking shades on my lips. The Fuchsia I was a little concerned about at first - but when I tried it on today, I found that it is a very pretty pink that adds a nice amount of bright while still being appropriate for daytime (and my lifestyle). I picture it being a great shade this Spring and Summer with all the happy, brighter florals from brands like Lilly and Liberty for Target that I plan to be wearing.

L-R: #25 Natural Purple, #33 Nude, #54 Fuchsia

For me, this gloss has just the right amount of shine and color, and it feels great on my lips - moisturizing - not sticky or tacky. I often wear it alone or over my Burts Bees, but also over lipstick. And I love the fact that it contains cherry oil and jojoba oil and doesn't contain any parabens, sulfates, or petrochemicals... who wants to end up eating that?!

I have a few more reviews - Old Navy, ATL, a bit more Liberty, more Sephora goodies... and I even plan to cook on Sunday, so hopefully will have a new recipe up soon... just need to work in the time to get it all together! We're almost to the weekend!



  1. Sweet lip gloss...nice colours.
    Even better price on sweet tea!

  2. I love Korres shower gels and can't wait to try the glosses, thanks for the great review!

  3. Those really are great colors. I agree about the parabens, etc. Very nice that those are excluded! Does it stay on very well?

  4. I was thinking about those Korres glosses bc I found a color online I really liked and was going to check it on at Sephora. Thanks for the review bc I think I will probably end up getting it knowing they are not sticky! That's the worst!

  5. Thanks for the info! I'm all for tinted lipglosses since I have perpetually dried lips and I like the subtle hints of color. This goes on my must-try list.

  6. I went on a "lip gloss buying ban", because I had lipgloss in every nook and cranny of my house, car, purse, pockets, etc.! Now I'm finally at the point I need to purchase some! Oh happy day! These look like great ones to try, I love the subtle color and shine.

  7. hostess and fallonroxann - thanks for stopping by!
    Lipstick - it isn't that long lasting - typical for a gloss I think. I put some on around 8am, sipped coffee and ate a scone and I don't see it anymore now at 11:30 - but my lips do still feel kind of soft/moisturized from the earlier application which is nice.
    Pamela & Lisa - thanks - hope you really like them if you try!
    Jillle - yay! Have fun shopping :)