Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hawaiian islands by Boots

I love it that I can shop Boots at Target. When we lived in Thailand we had a Boots drugstore not too far away and I had so much fun perusing the products. I've been buying the Mediterranean line's bath cream locally for a couple years. Bergamot, orange & olive is my absolute favorite but I also really like the thyme, milk & lemon verbena and nectarine, vanilla & sugar.

Recently (I've been at Target a lot lately due to all the Liberty excitement, as is probably obvious!), I noticed some new blends and thought I'd give them a whirl. The line is "hawaiian islands" - I bought the pomegranate & avocado in the shower gel (mostly fruity but I can also detect the avocado - which I love) and the coconut & hibiscus in the body wash and body butter.

I'm not sure what the difference is between shower gel and body wash - they are in the same packaging. The wash is a great combination of coconut (which I also love) and floral. The body butter feels slightly jelly-like out of the tub - not as much of a dense cream feel to it as some - but goes on just perfectly - light, soft and silky. Not at all greasy or heavy. Love. And they're made in Thailand!

Boots products can also be purchased at drugstore.com.

Oh, and I was wrong when I said I was wrapping up posting about Liberty for Target... I went back and found frames! And a hanging file box in the pink Dunclare! (I'm going to be so organized.) It seems like some items are trickling out late and it does also look like there are replens online... so if you didn't get what you wanted, do keep checking!



  1. I also bought some things from the Boots aisle when I was in Target, face cleanser and wipes. I'll check out the coconut body wash and body butter on my next trip.

    Love those frames! Looking forward to your Liberty OOTD photos!

    I've gone totally overboard with this collection. I think it has something to do with the dreary weather. These floral prints just boost my mood.

    I'm still hoping to find both teapots. I'm seriously considering getting the chair for my office in the sixty print and maybe the lamp????

  2. OMG, I love it! YOu are just like me! I went back to try the girls dress you posted on and ended up buying a frame, another candle and gift bags! I.CANNOT.STOP.

    I love coconut, so I am definately going back to check out the Boots products. Good grief, if I come out with more LoL stuff, I'm going to get in trouble! :)

  3. Thanks for the tip! I'm heading to Cork City, Ireland soon where my mother-in-law said there's a HUGE new Boots and I can't wait!!! I love the Mediterranean line as well! They were my first Boots purchases!

  4. Went to Target today, and they had replenished some LoL items. I got a coffee mug (the other two times, they had NONE) the mini journals, and a mini frame:)

  5. Phyllis - I LOVE that chair! Our office is really my husband's office (and the children's proclaimed "wii room" so I can't get away with it but I would if I could! I am still hoping I'm going to stumble upon a teapot one of these days myself!! No luck yet.
    Pamela - LOL - you sound just like me.
    Ahsley - wow! Enjoy Ireland!! I would love to go someday. Have a fabulous trip and enjoy that huge Boots too!
    mrs.a - I love the mugs! glad you found one... they are so pretty :)