Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Liberty of London for Target {the halter dress + two swimsuits}

**update: some IRL pics here**

This will be the first of a few posts on this subject, I am sure... as I am just a tad excited about this line. I've been googling images and reading reports of what's being released soon (March 14th... 4 days if you're counting) from this super cool collaboration between Liberty and Target. The housewares, the clothing... I really can't wait to get my hands on all those happy little florals!

Sometimes a few things get put out early, so I have been stalking shopping Target, and happened upon this sweet little halter dress which I bought on Saturday. I would say start checking your local Targets...


I went back this afternoon to buy the peacock print swimsuit (shown below) that I saw just this morning and it was gone. Along with all the other swim (maybe 4 or 5 styles in lots of sizes) and dresses. Yes, all of the Liberty of London had been removed from the fixture. Of course stores put out stock at different times and many may keep early arrivals out on the floor or put them out before the big day, but it does look like they may be serious about that 3/14/10 launch date.

Halter Dress Ebony Floral/253314 $24.99

nicely lined

It also comes in pink:

The black and white print adorns a swimsuit too:

And here is my favorite - in a gorgeous peacock print - the fabric on these is really very nice - soft and substantial. Both one-pieces are priced at $34.99. (oh WHY didn't I buy you this morning?!)

Very soon after the 14th I hope to have more reviews and IRLs posted!



  1. I am so sorry to hear that they had to put them away! :( I sort of was secretive about what I was doing, but not one person batted an eye. Hmm.

    Let us know if you find it anywhere else!

    P.S. I am doing IRL photos of me in the items I bought later on tonight (if I have enough energy--LOL)!

  2. That is strange that they pulled them! I went to Lynnwood on Monday and again today and they had more out, not less. Not the stuff I'm looking for unfortunately.

  3. So excited ... wish my Target would put stuff out early ...

  4. How fun! Thanks for telling us to be on the lookout for these goodies! I love Tarjay!

  5. It's all out in Oklahoma City - I was going to say that no one here knows about this brand...but the small sizes were already scarce!

  6. Cannot wait! Thanks for the heads-up!

  7. cute! I'm curious about the feather print suit. How was the sizing? Does it happen to have removable straps, or is it just strapless? <-- seems risky for the pool ; )p

  8. So bizarre that they put them out and then pulled them. After dina's post, I went to my Target but not a Liberty print in sight!!

  9. jcbellemarie - I didn't try it on... I think they were sized S,M etc, not by #size. I saw a Target press pic of it that showed a strap but I didn't check the one on the floor closely enough to verify! I can't believe they pulled them off the floor by the time I went back to buy! :(

  10. sweet tea - thanks! well, at least you have something and got to see/touch something!! I went today and there was no sign of Liberty...except the signs hanging from the ceiling, haha. Surprisingly I left with two items from Gaultier for Target, which I didn't expect at all!

  11. sweet tea -- If you are still looking for it, the Peacock swim suit is available online in all sizes! Go to and type "liberty london swim" in the search box. For some reason, it won't show up in the Swim section.

    (It's like "hidden items" due to bad links on, for you JCAs.) The Petite stuff is also "hidden" and you need to search "liberty petite" and the items will pop up.

  12. Rosie - Thank you so much for the info! I did manage to find the suit in a store but didn't know that about the Target website! I'll keep that in mind when looking for things there from now on - thanks!!

  13. I really like the swim suits!! There were none left when I went to my store :(
    The candles from your other post are cute too.
    I just wish I could get a peacock halter top and I would be good.

    Did you see the new LL Bean stuff??( Signature)
    some cute tops.

    on another note....
    My 6th grade daughter and her best friend wore their Tretorns to school the other girls may want them. ;o They all seem to be into funny....I wore those too but the dark bown ones. The ones girls like here are the pale ones with plaid.

    Have a great week!!!!

    Beth :)