Monday, March 29, 2010

Liberty of London for Target {two scarves}

I ended up with two scarves from the Liberty/Target collaboration: the Pieced Scarf in Jeffs Leaf Blue and the Pareo in Poppy Blue. With all the great colors in the florals on both of these I think they'll be pretty versatile. I've already worn the pieced scarf two or three times and as soon as the weather brightens up a bit, I'll be wearing the pareo as a scarf too.

Poppy Blue with J Crew yellow, Banana Republic camel , and J Crew bright pink (sorry -- I don't recall the exact color names)

Jeffs Leaf Blue with cardis from J Crew, ATL, and Lands' End

I also really like this with Lands' End's Soft Fern

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. I'm working on a squash casserole for tonight - so new recipe up soon (if it turns out).



  1. SO cute! There are so many great pieces in the Liberty of London line it's hard to choose. You'll get lots of use out of these :)

  2. Gorgeous scarves! I didn't get to see them IRL.

    Squash casserole sounds good. I'll try it if it comes out yummy!

  3. I love the combos you've made with your new scarves! Very pretty. I have that same J.Crew yellow cardi. Even though I think the print is great, I didn't like the feel of the scarves I saw, do you think they'll soften up if you wash them or something?

  4. I hope the casserole comes put bc it sounds tasty!

    The scarves were pretty but I needed to STOP!! :-)

  5. love the scarves! I made coconut rice & curry tonight b/c of you! I left you an award at my blog - check it out here:

  6. I left you an award on my blog last night - hope you like it!

    I am seriously envious of all your Liberty of London, as well as all my other blog-friends, purchases! It all came out while I was in Italy, and I returned with my broken leg - oh well!

  7. I have been thinking about this Liberty of London line ever since I saw it in Target the other day! I bought a pair of the pajamas, but I wanted some of the clothes and the scarves! I am debating going back to get some more stuff! :) I am trying to be on a shopping ban, but it is so hard when Target has all this cute stuff! haha! SHOPAHOLIC!

    Those scarves look so cute with your cardis!

  8. I got the same pareo tonight as well as the other one with pink tassels. Very cute:)

  9. thanks for stopping by everyone!
    Erin - thanks! Yes - that woven cotton is a little stiff - I know what you mean. I think they'd probably soften up if you washed them and dried with a fabric softener. I'd try that with the pieced one - not sure how the fringe would hold up in the dryer.

  10. Yes, the scarves soften up nicely. I handwashed and used double fabric softener. They look and feel great. Would not put the tassle one in the washing machine or any scarf for that matter.