Saturday, March 20, 2010

OPI Meet Me on the Star Ferry

On a recent trip to Ulta, I got to check out OPI's Hong Kong collection (Ulta only sells it in retail stores, but has it online). I'd been looking forward to this... I love OPI's nail polish names and themed collections - and this one especially.

My husband used to travel to Hong Kong a lot for business (before kids) and I went along a few times. He would be working all day so I got to wander around the city and shop and sight-see by myself quite a bit. On one trip, I remember taking the Star Ferry alone and feeling very adventurous. (Getting on any kind of unfamiliar public transportation can be a little nerve-wracking for me. I once got on the wrong bullet train in Japan, and let me tell you that is not something you are happy to find out once you are in motion.)



Anyway, this polish is called Meet Me on the Star Ferry so I had to get it, being that I liked the color too. It's a shimmery mauve-y-darker violet. A little bronze-metallic. In the sunlight you can see the sparkles but it isn't so sparkly-shiny that it's flashy.

A nice transition if you're done with uber dark nails for the season but not ready to jump to the corals and bright pinks.

Oh - and Happy Spring!!!!!



  1. It looks like a great color! I may have to check it out. I have one of those coupons you find in magazines for Ulta!

  2. I just bought a similar OPI color- We'll always have Paris in the suede finish. I think it's perfect for this time of year!

  3. Really pretty!! I love all your polish reviews!! Really helpful.


  4. love this color------i just got a pedicure, and was thinking, "too soon for any bright pinks" so i went with Essie "Mambo" which is a nice, pinky-beige color. I will def. check this color from OPI, thanks:)

  5. Love it - and I have been trying to get my nail guy to make my nails SHORT but he just doesn't get it and I am positive he is saying bad things about me in Vietnamese to the other nail people. ha!

  6. Very pretty & very sparkly. what a pretty pedi color in summer when the sunlight can hit all the shimmer!

    And I'm cracking up at Jillian's comment - I always have such a hard time getting the nail folks to make my nails short enough. I often clip/file mine a day or two before an appointment and then just let them even it out - they just don't seem to understand the short nail aesthetic - they like long nails (judging by the nail length of all the nail techs where I go), so I guess they think short nails are ugly??? The last time I asked someone to shorten mine considerably, she got totally ticked and gnawed at them with the file - totally messed them up. (and that was the last time I went to that one)

  7. thanks everyone for stopping by!
    Jillian & Heidi - I cut my nails down before I went like you, Heidi - and then just had them even them out!