Monday, March 8, 2010

International Coffee (Cups)

I happened upon this great set of stacking cups at World Market this past weekend. I really like coffee/tea cups and I tend to get them as souvenirs when we travel (I know - not the easiest thing to transport), as well as buying ones just for the cuteness factor (hello, Lilly Pulitzer).

Cannot wait for Target's Liberty of London line, by the way. That teapot! ::sigh::

Also, we love to travel and lately I've been kind of missing our expat experience and traveling time in Asia. When I realized that my husband and I had visited each city in the set together (before kids) - I couldn't pass it up. Plus, they're priced really reasonably - can't remember exactly but around $15 or so for the set.

They also have some larger cups (which are more appropriate for my morning coffee consumption) and I have one of those in Paris. I remember seeing San Francisco too. These are also nicely priced - I want to say around $6.

Happy Monday!



  1. OMG ~ those cups are so sooo adorable. I love cups, one can never have enough ... Where did you say you bought them? Off to google...

  2. saskia - at World Market (Cost Plus) - I don't see the city cups online but they do have stacking cups in colors and all white:

  3. Cute cups! Love them, especially in the larger size.

  4. Those cups are really cute. I'm going to have to check them out. LOVE World Market--so many neat things.

  5. We have one of each of the large San Francisco and Paris mugs - love them! They make me smile every time I use them.

  6. Those cups are so cute! I'm excited for the Liberty of London teapot as well...