Saturday, March 13, 2010

Liberty of London for Target {sleepwear}


I have lots to share from this line now! (I do promise I will be back to talking about other stores, outfits, a little cooking, etc soon...)

But this evening I was lucky enough to score four tops, the peacock tier dress (as seen on Dina and Peggy), for my girls some swimwear, flops and a dress & top, and then the super cute sleepwear pictured below.

The peacock swimsuit and the teapot, cups, etc were nowhere to be seen, though, so I will still be on the hunt for those.

So here are some IRL pics of the sleepwear I bought. There were a few other styles in what felt like polyester - a couple of them very sheer - I liked these two cotton styles the best:

2 Piece Set/Jeff Leaf & Mrtha Grc/253937 - 100% cotton exclusive of decoration - $19.99

cute detailing at hem of cropped pants

Chemise/Mark D & Jeff Leaf/253935 - 100% cotton exclusive of decoration - $17.99

hem of chemise

dark blue lace trim and contrasting fabric straps



  1. I'm jealous. I live in the Minneaoplis area (Target headquarters), and I did not find one article of early release clothing. There was a fair amount of houseware/garden items...but that was not what I was after. Oh well, I've sent the alarm for tomorrow morning. Congrats on all you fab finds!

  2. Love the "Mark" pj's---so cute. What four tops did you get?? I am hoping to get to Target either today or tomorrow:)

  3. Sweet! I picked up a few things yesterday at my South Carolina Target, but not a lot was displayed yet. Hope Target has a HUGE inventory of LoL items! -- michele

  4. What cute pieces!
    I'd better head there before spring break!

  5. I went to two Target stores this morning (Nashville).

    The mugs and teapots were already gone. Groan.

    Ended up getting two of the silky-ish tops one peacock and the other with the pink print. Also got both hats, laminated magazine bag, clutch wallet, underwear set and some kind of box thingee to put under my desk.

    And a cereal bowl. Only one, because the dh doesn't eat cold food.