Saturday, November 21, 2009

OOTD: The ATL "Boyfriend" Cardi in Rosette

Today I'm wearing the second piece from my spree (not very creatively, sorry, but I was in a hurry and just wanted to wear it!)... this cozy cardi in the Rosette colorway.  I love the sleeves and slouch-factor on this sweater - perfect for a Saturday.  I plan to get another pewter gray tee or cami or two tomorrow to wear under it.  I love that color combo so much but currently just have the sequin cami in the pewter.  Thought that might be a little much for Target and a kids' soccer pizza party.

ATL cardi, ON tee, Vigoss jeans, Gray Uggs, J Crew outlet necklace, Michele watch, LV Neverful MM
...and that's Shelby in the background.  She is just about the most sociable cat I have ever seen and she ends up in the background of lots of our pictures.  We brought her home with us from Thailand 11 years ago!

love the sleeves on this cardi

close-up of the necklace
(and see -- there's Shelby again)

Happy Weekend!



  1. Both you and Shelby look adorable. :)

  2. I got the cream color in this cardigan. I love the thickness of it. I also bought several tops/sweaters in that rosette color. I can't wear "pink", but I'm loving the rosette color on me. It's almost a neutral. I paired it with gray, cream and dark brown so far, and they all go really well together.

  3. I have that same one in a different color! Your jeans look cute, what brand are they?

  4. thanks Amanda & Caroline :)
    Dishy Decorator - I didn't even think of dk brown - love that combo! The SAs were calling this color champagne in store - I think it goes with a lot.
    Prissy Southern Prep - The jeans are Vigoss from Nordstrom Rack. Thank you :)

  5. Love Shelby----too cute!! Love this cardigan!! I got the same exact one. This color is perfect, don't ya think? I am going to wear mine tomorrow, with a black tank and black leggings. Hope you had a fabulous weekend:)

  6. How did you get a cat home from Thailand??

  7. mrs.a - thanks! sounds cute!
    Farmer Jo - we brought home 2 actually but her sister passed away in 2003. We had to do paperwork/exams etc while in Thailand in order for them to leave the country. I don't recall having to do anything on this side. We had all the papers ready etc but just went right through with the cat carriers.