Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Cable Scarf Gets Out & About

Couldn't resist wearing my new scarf today - despite the fact that I should be wearing head to toe rain gear.  Drippy rain again (still) and so misty and dark out there! At least my kate spade Randis are on the way... those are enough to make you wish for puddles to jump in!

Juicy Couture corduroy Jacket, Eddie Bauer scarf, with jeans, ON white tee, and Uggs



  1. It's been raining here for the last 2 days. I don't usually mind rain but I don't like rain and cold. If it's cold I just want snow.

    Rainboots are so fun in the rain. I just stomp around in puddles all over like a little kid.

  2. Yes! So annoying when it hovers just above freezing level and just rains! I just get chilled & it is so hard to warm up. Hope you get some better weather soon! :)

  3. I love this scarf! Scarves are my favorite accessory in the fall/winter. We don’t have an Eddie Bauer close by, but I may just have to make the trip since this one isn’t on the website. The cream color of it is so pretty.

  4. Nice scarf. I like that it comes with the tag showing you how to tie it. Very practical.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!