Wednesday, November 11, 2009

OOTD 11.10.09 {+ my latest J Crew sale box!}

So here's what was in my latest little box of sale goodies from J Crew (I have another on the way, along with a box of cute things from Gymboree for the kids, and a new Lilly dress from Splash of Pink - feels like Christmas is starting early!)

Ruched Solid Tank in Golden Cypress (swimsuit), Cambridge Cable Pocket Cardi in Buff Pink, Slub Cotton Crystal Necklace Tee in Pewter

I love, love the tee and am happy with the color of the swimsuit (not always quite sure when viewing online).  The sweater is gorgeous and I especially like the fleur de lis buttons - I was a little disappointed that it is not really very pink.  The color is "Buff Pink" and I was really wanting a pale pink cardi but this is decidedly more Buff than Pink.  Still very nice.

Also, I recently came across this tee from Target.  They call it Polar Bear Print online.  Maybe I'm missing something but I don't get the name - it's a floral tee with beads.  The crew neck has a little roll to it and the slub texture is much like the J Crew tee in my order.

J Crew tee and Target tee - both size Small

So, here's what I wore yesterday (the rest of the outfit is just jeans and gray Uggs - you don't need to see that!):

J Crew necklace tee with J Crew outlet Jackie in purple


  1. Very cute finds! Love the purple cardi and the olive suit-pretty colors! I returned all of my cambridge cardis (4 colors) as I do not like the neckline with tees. Strange where it hits with certain tees and then the heavy button makes it flop over etc. You may understand after you have the opp to try on..then again it may be fine for you;) I also found gold buttons fighting with things I put on underneath (don't ask.) Otherwise, I loved the fabric and colors. I love that Tar-jay tee, may need to check that out! Can you post a pic of that one on? That would be GREAT:)

  2. Well, I feel stylish, since I also bought that necklace tee:) I LOVE mine. I have worn mine with a black cardigan and a gray cardigan. Very unique and beautiful! Love the Target tee---must check that out. I see it paired with a gray cardigan or pink...?? Speaking of a pink cardigan, like you, I am looking for one. Why don't I have a cute pink cardigan in my closet??! Also love the bathing suit---GREAT purchases!!!! Yay!!!

  3. What about the jcrew "Cotton Long Cardigan" in the sale section, in whisper pink? I wonder if anyone has tried that........

  4. Oh, one more thing: I did order the jackie in "buff pink" during that last 20% sale, and I do LOVE that pink cardigan!! HA! I totally forgot I just bought that. But i am still thinking of the cotton long cardigan, as well...........what do you think?

  5. I almost picked up the same Cambridge cardigan but opted for the Merino marzipan instead. I also tossed in the Meghan heels in plum. I think my box is coming tomorrow!

    After reading your post I know want the necklace tee. It looks great on you!

  6. Love all of your purchases...especially the Target tee and the Jcrew necklace tee!

  7. We must be on some sort of shopping telepathy. I bought that Target tee last week. I love it, and I thought the same was so J Crew-like. I wore mine with a gray cardigan. It's really a cute top. I also got a green one on the same rack that has grayish faded writing on it.

  8. I love my JC necklace tee too! It really is a great tee!

    I will have to check out that Target tee! I know they have been creating a lot of JC look-a-likes lately! :)

    Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Oh, lucky you! I wanted that tee, but it was already sold out in XS!!

  10. Isn't it fun to get J.Crew deliveries? :) These are all terrific pieces. Thanks for posting the pictures. I have the tee coming as well, but was only able to get it in the ivory color in XS. It looks great on you!