Saturday, November 14, 2009

another little sale box {it's my Thanksgiving outfit!}

**Update: Banana sale top pics/info added below**

Another little sale box arrived from J Crew and this is what I'm going to wear for Thanksgiving. I'll be cooking for 10-11 and it will be warm in my kitchen! Of course I'll have an ivory cardi handy too.

J Crew Silk Tiered Cami in Bright Papaya and J Crew Heirloom Flora Necklace in Butterscotch

I love the three enameled buttons at the shoulder on the cami and if you haven't seen the necklace in person... it is stunning! There are set stones/crystals all the way up the links of the necklace which I hadn't realized. So super sparkly! Love. I don't see Butterscotch on the website anymore but Chocolate is in the sale section for $49.99.

So for my F&F shopping yesterday, I found lots of gifts at Gap, cute things for my three at Janie & Jack, and two sale tops at Banana:

Tiered Silk Top (I believe they may be calling this color Grape Wreath online but mine looks Dark Blue $69.50 - sale + promo = $25.20
Printed Knit Top $39.50 - sale + promo = $17.49

I also saw the tiered top in a bright green and the print top in a solid tomato-red in-store.

...And does anyone have any details on an ATL F&F coming up??



  1. Would love to see the sale tops before the F & F is over tomorrow - I love everything I buy that you recommend! Wear it over and over....

  2. Thanks Harvill! I just added pictures/links! :)

  3. Thank you Sweet Tea! That was very nice of you! I have 3 too, so I know your busy.....

  4. All gorgeous! I just bought your "polar bear" tee at target.

  5. Pretty! Love the outfit you'll wear for TG. I'm wearing a sequin dotted ivory top from AE + the waterfall JC cardi in the coralish shade to my sister's, no cooking for me this year!

  6. I was at ATL yesterday and the SA put a coupon flyer in my bag. The coupons (one for "me" and one for a friend plus one that can be used at the outlet) are for 30% off at both AT and ATL from Nov 17-22 and can be used multiple times. Coupon must be presented for in-store use.

    I could be wrong, but it didn't seem like I HAD to purchase something to get the coupon so it might be worth it to drop by your local store to pick one up.

    Also, I highly recommend their new necklace

    It's such a good deal for the price that it already sold out online.

  7. LOVE the Banana tops you got!! I was just in there the other day, and didn't see these. Maybe ill have to make a trip there tomorrow, hehe:) Yes, I also believe a SA from ATL told me that the Friends and Family Event is next Tuesday, but i haven't received any email about it yet.....

  8. Love your new picture at the top of your blog:)

  9. Love the J Crew top and necklace. Be sure to wear an apron over it when you're cooking :)

  10. The Papaya tiered cami with the Flora Necklace is a HIT!!! Perfect Thanksgiving outfit!

  11. Lesa - glad you found it!
    caliglam - sounds beautiful :)
    melissamolasses - thank you SO much for the info!
    mrs.a - thank you! I may make one more trip today too :)
    ManoloChooLou - thank you! and yes :)
    yogagirl - thanks! They show it layered with another necklace too on the website I think.

  12. i love your thanksgiving outfit. i thought i would be the only one in the kitchen wearing bling :-0. we are kindred spirits, aren't we. I think I need that necklace

  13. Here is the F&F Coupon:

  14. I have the silk tiered cami in bright papaya too and I just ordered the necklace last week so it should be arriving tomorrow! =P They look beautiful together here! I may have to wear them on Thanksgiving too! ;)

  15. I really love that necklace!! Great new stuff.

  16. I too have the silk tiered cami in papaya (love, love, love it) top but not the necklace....yet!

    Great F & F finds.....I can't wait for ATL's to start on Tuesday!

  17. I like the banana tiered navy top. The other's the "Grapes of Wreath?"

    sent you an ATL coupon.

  18. Patina - oh yes! I'll be blingy in the kitchen too! :)
    Bianca - thank you!!!
    MMM - oooh I know you'll love the necklace! So glad I got it.
    Beth - thanks :)
    Debye - thanks. Me either!
    fidele - thanks so much! :)

  19. I love the navy blue top! I saw that on the website when it first came out, it's super cute!