Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Good Reason to Make Friends {with Eddie Bauer}

When I was shopping Eddie Bauer at the Mall of America in September, one of the associates offered to sign me up for their Friends membership card.  I really do like these loyalty programs - as long as they are *not* a credit card - which this one is not.  I don't mind at all if my purchases are tracked when I receive special perks like free shipping, easy returns, and advance notice of sales.  I've also recently signed up for Gymboree's and Anthropologie's cards.  ATL's I have passed on because it is an actual credit card.

So this morning I received an email with a great offer because I enrolled in the program: 25% off my entire purchase when I bring in the email and my Friends card.  Unfortunately, it says to the Mall of America store (and I don't have any plans to visit Minneapolis any time soon) but I am pretty sure they would honor it here in Seattle.  

There is also an online code for the 25% off plus free shipping (they do still charge a $3 handling fee - so I suppose the offer should be 25% off plus $3 shipping - still, not bad).  The code is REINDEER and it does look like you have to have a membership number to be able to use this - not sure.  At any rate, it is easy to sign up.

Also, last night I was able to see some of Eddie Bauer's ideas for Fall 2010 as I was asked to participate in a small focus group/discussion panel session for their women's wear (EB is headquartered locally).  I really liked quite a bit of what I saw.  Of course, styling, fabrics, and colors will surely be adjusted between now and Fall 2010 so I can't really say what their final collections will look like - but I did see some lovely hues, great details like ruching and cute buttons, and some very nice layering ideas.  I appreciated the substantial fabrics - no "whisper thin" merino or fabrics woven so sheer you see right through them as you'll find at other retailers even in cooler seasons.

I can also say that I will be keeping an eye on Eddie Bauer's offerings.  The enthusiastic and friendly group of young women leading the departments and designing the garments really do appear to be steering Eddie Bauer into a more fashion-forward brand while maintaining the integrity of the Seattle-style basics (like cozy down outerwear and durable corduroy) for which they're known.  (And, really, (full disclosure) I'm not just saying this because I received a gift card for my time. You all know I would not point you in the wrong direction!) 

If you want more information on the Friends card - here is the link.



  1. I second that! I love Eddie Bauer and other store cards that are not actual credit cards.

    I have Eddie Bauer Friends card. I think they send you $10 coupon for a certain amount spent in store, which I think is great.

    I love their selection of sweaters this season. I got myself one of their shawl collar sweaters in dark brown (I read on your blog that you have one in orange color, if I am not mistaken), and also a fisherman cable sweater in dark navy. I love how cosy these sweaters are.

  2. Mona - yes I do have the orange - love it :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Just another suggestion..
    McCormick and Schmicks has a great card too!
    It does cost $25, then you get a $25 gift card in the mail. you and your husband will also get $25 gift cards on your birthday!

  4. I love McCormick & Schmicks! Thanks - didn't know about the card :)

  5. Great post! So happy to hear that some of the young designers are helping steer EB into a more fashion forward direction. Their stuff is great quality, so that'll be fun to watch. I'm not the least bit surprised that you're part of their small focus group/panel! How lucky they are to have YOU participate!! (And we know you would never mislead us; that's one thing I adore about your blog: full disclosure, fabulous fashion sense, fun narrative, expert bargain tips...) Yep, you are a genius!

  6. Katherine - thanks so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it :) :)