Friday, November 6, 2009

Carlos Falchi for Target

I had heard Carlos Falchi was doing a collection for Target and accidentally happened upon it this morning when I ran in quickly for some granite cleaner and a toothbrush (my daughter's missing hers, long story).  I'm kind of liking a couple of these bags - different from what I would usually buy - but fun, and with great price points ($19.99 - $49.99).  The lining is adorable - good pics on the Target site.

Anyone have thoughts on these (or bought one?)

Here are a couple of BlackBerry snaps from in-store:

IRL the Large Satchel in Green

Large Satchel - Green $49.99
Target's bag, Target's pic

Happy Friday!



  1. I snapped pics of them as well. I admire you all who get pics up so quick. I have had so many of mine swiped, so I always stop & watermark them. Anyway -- I didn't like this collection. At all. The one you posed with is the best of the bunch.

  2. I saw these tonight when I stopped in Target...There was a smaller black one that I really liked.