Sunday, November 1, 2009

OOTD 10.31.09 {+ some shiny new TB}

So the costume was for Friday night (though I did wear my feathered hat again briefly - I've been asked about it and I think I got it at Michaels - either that or JoAnn Fabrics or Target - 2 or 3 years ago) - the actual day of Halloween, we had a soccer end-of-season pizza party and then a chili dinner at some friends'.  Typically, the dads take all the kids out trick-or-treating while the moms stay in and chat & eat.  So here's what I wore:

J Crew cable turtleneck in dark brown, woven belt (Gap? Target? not sure...), Vigoss jeans, SM Intyces, Burberry scarf

Now, for that lovely new pink + orange box.  My new Reeses arrived from the Tory Burch online sale!  Love this shoe.  I was concerned the metallic leather might be a little stiffer (like my Reva espadrilles) but no, these are different - still a super soft leather like the regular ones.  And they fit like a glove - took my usual 8.5.  They are super shiny so I'll probably be wearing these with some more subdued, darker colors and not a lot of bling.  Seriously, they feel like slippers - would be great for a marathon Christmas shopping day.



  1. very pretty shoes! i hope you enjoyed your weekend! :)

  2. Those are the cutest shoes in the world. Loveth!

  3. What an adorable pair of shoes! Honestly, they could give Dorothy's ruby slippers a run for the money for "Cutest Totally Stylishly-Blingy Shoes EV-er!" :-)

    Hey STIS, do you buy your TB flats in your "true" flat size, or do you go up or down a 1/2 size?

  4. Thanks y'all!
    JCAUNCMom - I do buy my true size. I know a lot of people size up 1/2 size but I've always been OK with my regular 8.5 for TB Revas in reg. leather and suede, TB Reese, TB Amy styles.

  5. I got those same shoes from the sale too, and love them! They are super comfy yet cute - gotta love that combo. :)Can't wait to pair them with different outfits!