Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Rain Has Started {and these boots will see me through}

We've had such a gorgeous Summer and a lovely start to Fall, but it's time.  The rain was absolutely pouring last night and has been on and off all day - really quite dark and dreary out there.  So today my Burberry rain shoes came out and I expect that they will have one of the lowest costs-per-wear of any item in my closet soon.

I'm just doing a snap of the boots.  I ordered them from Bloomingdale's last year which I can't really recommend since the shoe box arrived torn/squished as they just slipped the box into a plastic bag and sent them on their merry way (they also did the same thing with a Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag so until I hear they're taking a little more care with shipping I'll order elsewhere).

Otherwise I just have on my blue Juicy velour + a blush colored Petit Bateau tee (LOVE these!) I bought in Paris this past summer along with much more PB for my little ones.  I needed to be comfy as it is a crazy busy day and I also spent an hour at the orthodontist getting clear braces put on my lower teeth.  Yes, I've had them before (long, long ago), but apparently "as we age" our teeth can move so I'm looking at a good nine months of going through this again.

Since they're just lower, they won't be showing up in any pics.  Since they're clear, I've been instructed to avoid a few things that I really like: curry, tea, red wine, and.... coffee...  Yeah, that's not going to work out.  So I'll be sipping my coffee through straws.  Would it be tacky to do that with red wine too? ;)

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday, whatever your weather!



  1. Red wine with a straw? Acceptable only with one of those colorful crazy swirly straws. I'm sure you must have some of those laying around...

    Love the rain boots!!

  2. Oh,I have these boots and LOVE them. They are so cute, comfortable and durable. I left you an award from my ealier post today. Have a great day!!!

  3. Urgh, I need braces too--wisdom teeth destroyed my previous work, but I'm not sure I'll bother. Good for you, though!

  4. Cute shoes! I've been reading your blog for a while now and I love it. You inspired me to finally do my own OOTD. As far as the wine is what you must to get that wine down! I'd attach the garden hose to a bottle if I had to :)

  5. Burberry always makes rainy days better!!! And eww to Bloomies for mailing them like that!!!

  6. I just had a conversation about those boots the other day!
    They look great and I'm sure you will be putting them to good use living in Seattle!

  7. You will not regret having your braces put back on. I had them redone a few years ago and am so happy I did. I also have a permanent retainer on my upper and lower and it keeps everything in perfect place. I just bought a pair of burgundy Burberry rain boots from nordies and LOVE them. Have a great evening!

  8. I pulled out my rain boots for the first time today, too! Our rain today was grroooossss. Cold, foggy, and consistent. They're calling for snow this weekend. Noooo! (secretly, I'm a little excited :))

  9. We already got snow this year...I can't believe it. At this rate my rain boots will be getting a lot of use this winter.

  10. You are a very funny girl! Please take a pic of yourself drinking wine through a straw, ok?!? Love the boots. Shame on Bloomies for their reckless shipping process.

  11. Cute boots! What are you thoughts on the Hunter boots? Have you seen those? I am debating. . .

  12. Patina - thank you!!!!!! I need to do a post! :)
    CashmereLibrarian - wishing I could take them off today. But too late. thanks for stopping by :)
    Suburban Princess - yes they do. This is my 3rd time! At least not on the top - I think I'd be going crazy.
    Summerilla - I agree. and I agree. :)

  13. Eleanor - thank you
    musthavejcrew - thanks :) burgundy sounds beautiful! - I haven't seen them
    AppGal - snow. wow!
    Amanda - wow already. yes I'm sure you will!
    Katherine - thanks for stopping by! I know. I wrote them and they sent me a 10% off code which of course I didn't use b/c I told them I wasn't ordering anymore if they shipped like that!
    Kiki - thanks! From what I have seen I love Hunter! I've never tried them on. But I think if I decide to get some tall rain boots that is the brand I'll try first. So classic and British :)

  14. Thanks! They are on 25% at Saks right now. I am debating. . . Love your blog and your great ideas! :)