Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Petit Bateau {at the Arc de Triomphe & atop the Eiffel Tower}

Petit Bateau = Little Boat.

It reminds me of the phrase "the sea is so wide and my boat is so small", which I believe is taken from an Irish fisherman's prayer.

Ahhh... love, love, love this brand. Thank you so much to Ema for recommending this shop while in Paris. I visited the little store on Champs Elysees three times, finding loads of goodies every time. I mostly bought things for my children - and when I took them on one of the trips they found many, many things themselves that they liked - but I did manage to buy some fabulous tees for myself and also a black double layer dress that I wore on the flight home with black leggings and a pewter Jackie... sooo comfy!

Here are some snaps of my finds from the first two shopping trips (on the third I just bought a few little things for the kids and the black dress... sorry did not get a pic of that). OH! And I didn't mention most of the things I bought were between 20% to 50% off! This was a perfectly timed trip and much of Paris was on sale! My Hubby got some great things at Faconnable, including the most gorgeous pale blue cashmere sweater, and most of that store was 50% off. I also bought my girls some things at Zara & H&M with similar deals.

Shopping Trip #1

Shopping Trip #2
(The light blue striped tee is adorable - it is almost tissue weight but double-layered and reverses to a picture of a mermaid with a French phrase)



  1. Hi, I was sure that you would fall in love with Petit Bateau. Wow, you bought a lot, but I guess that shopping for three kids is always like that. Your son is super-cute with the "mariniere" (I bought the pink and orange one for my daughter at 50% off at the store here).
    I will be in Paris at the end of August (just one week) and I can't wait to visit Petit Bateau. At that time they'll have the fall collection and my daughter is going to nursery school in September, so I guess that I will do my "back to school" shopping there.
    Hope that you'll post pics of the dress that you bought for you!

  2. Can't wait to see the black dress! Sounds fab for travel!!

  3. Love your new header and name! I thought I had the wrong blog at first!
    Is that pic from the LV on the Champs Elysees? :)

  4. yes it's still me! :) The pic is from the LV on the Ave Montaigne - the street w/ Dior & Chanel

  5. Gah! I love the outfits...perfection...MUST resist urge to find similar cuteness items on ebay for my own petit bebes. (Or something like that...)

    BTW, I love your new blog name...I am a HUGE fan of the sweet tea (I mean what is more Southern than sweet tea). What do you do for sweet tea? We can get sweet tea in McD's here, but I don't think you can buy it out in Seattle? Do you make your own? We ALWAYS (even in winter) have a jug of sweet tea in the fridge!

    I also am sorry I have been unable to comment lately...been very overwhelmed with work! ;)

  6. Ema - I'm so excited for you to do your BTS shopping in Paris - how fun!
    Dina - I think homeade is the best! I've seen advertisements for the McD sweet tea on billboards but we never go there so haven't tried it! We are heading South in August and I CANNOT wait!

  7. that looks like the cutest stuff! You'll have to remind me of that place when I go! I love crew cuts! It my new fave for kids clothes. (although I haven't bought anything there yet... it's the next place I'll to when the kids need stuff! Thanks for today! That was fun!

  8. Your trip looks like so much FUN!! I have been checking your blog to see your pictures.

    Cute clothes too.

  9. Sorry but... what's sweet tea exactly?

  10. Ema - in the South (like Georgia, Alabama) we looove to drink already sweetened iced tea and it is one of the things that is very difficult to find in other parts of the US (like Seattle where I am living now) Here they give you iced tea unsweetened and you have to add a sugar packet and it is just not the same. I miss my sweet tea! And grits and good barbeque and Chik-Fil-A...