Friday, October 16, 2009

{Tusind Tak!}

"Tusind tak!" is "Thank you!" in Danish (Hubby is from Denmark) and I've always liked the phrase because it's like 'thousand thanks'.

This post is quite delayed but I was given the Kreativ Blogger award again by two wonderful bloggers who I wanted to mention in a separate post - JCAUNCMOM at Crewsing Thru My 50s (thank you so much for your kind words!!) and LIZPOMS at my favorite things (thank you, thank you!). They both have great blogs that express lovely outlooks on life. If you haven't already, you should definitely check them out!

just a random picture because the flowers on my nightstand right now are sooooo pretty

So here are 7 (rather random) things...

1. I've lived in Ohio, California, Montana, Georgia, Massachusetts, Missouri, Thailand, and Washington State, and have traveled through a bit more of North America, Europe and Asia, and once to Australia and South America.

2. I dream of moving to Austin, Texas. I've never been to Austin, Texas.

3. I once met John Grisham and he gave me advice on law school. I did not go to law school.

4. My first major was economics and I ended up with a degree in political science.

5. I have an M.Ed. and have taught for Head Start, in an inner-city program for at-risk children, and in a special needs classroom in the public school system.

6. I don't like to have anyone else do my laundry or ironing. I usually have a big ironing pile.

7. I arrange my daughters' closets by rainbow color - Red, (Pink), Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, - with White first and Brown/Black last. That's not weird, right?!

Happy Weekend!



  1. Love your list!!! I went to school in Austin!!! Hook-em-horns!!! I dream of moving back!! You would LOOOOOVE Austin! :) and the rainbow closet...too fun!

  2. Fun list!! I have an M.Ed and teach kids with special needs, too! :) My closet is arranged by color - not rainbow, because there's too much grey and black - and within each color, but the type of clothing (long sleeve, short sleeve, jacket, etc.). My husband thinks I'm crazy!

  3. Jill - We are hoping to get there next year for a visit. I've been researching for a long time and it sounds so great :) My husband was really surprised last year when he answered the phone and it was an Austin realtor asking to talk to me! haha!

    Jen - You have a tough job! I haven't taught for awhile. and I have my closet even more organized too! By color within each type! But the girls I just do by color :) My son's I do by type. Just seems to work best that way :) You know that I don't think you're crazy! :)

  4. I love your blog. You rock!!!

    Too funny about the rainbow. I have my closet organized the same with white first with each type defined starting with sleeveless and moving to dresses last (I wear them the least). ( have done this since middle school - only truly borderline OCD trait that kept since marriage.

    I live in a small town right outside of Austin. It is great! Love it! I wouldn't live anywhere else except for maybe Costa Rica.

    I also teach preschool special needs for an Austin suburb. I love my job - demanding, but never ever boring.

    Thanks for the blog. . one day if I am interesting enough I might start my own blog.

  5. Oh my! I totally arrange my closet like that!! *blush*

  6. I love the way you organize your daughters closets. Will you show us photos?

  7. Sweet Tea, your blog's always just wonderful! I love this post and I love your ROYGBIV closet organizing especially. I have my own tees and shirts arranged this way and am so glad to see I'm not the only one who does this! I'm delighted that you enjoyed the well-deserved award, sweetie pie! :-)

  8. Felicia - thank you so much!! I can't wait to check out Austin. You should start a blog - it's fun :)
    Stephanie - love it :)
    Jill - I will! I'll try to snap some pics this weekend.
    JCAUNCMom - thanks again so much :)

  9. Holy Crap!
    Are you me? Or did we just become best friends?
    I have only resided in NJ, but traveled to Ireland,Iceland,Switzerland,Germany,England and Canada. I once drove almost all the way across this country.(Started in LA and gave up in Missouri)
    I dream of living in Maine and try to go at least once a year.
    I once met Whoopi Goldberg and she told me I was the cutest thing she had ever met. Luckily I was only 15 so it was not as creepy as it sounds.
    NO ONE would dare touch my laundry under penalty of death.
    Every article of clothing we are wearing that day is freshly pressed by me.
    Every closet is arranged in color order,by category and hung on the same wooden hangers.
    So no, you are completely normal!
    I love your blog - thanks for giving me something to look forward to every time I log online!

  10. Eleanor - too funny! yes I think we understand each other :) We also drove once almost cross country from Seattle to St. Louis. And I didn't sound quite as serious about my laundry as you - but your description sounds closer to how I really feel about it. :) Thank you for the compliments :)