Sunday, October 11, 2009

Black & Gray {for Soccerday}

OK.  So this is our first year being involved in soccer.  Three kids in soccer (plus Hubby coaching one of the teams) equals soccer seven times a week this time of year.  Crazy!  Saturday is now Soccerday.  

So my one morning a week that I used to spend a good hour leisurely perusing new finds at Target, stocking up on groceries, and making a trip to a mall or getting a mani while Hubby stayed home with the kids and made pancakes has morphed into running from one soccer game to the next.  And then to the next.  But the kids love it and it's over in November so we're enjoying it these few months.  It's starting to get very chilly out there (and this is Seattle) so I do like wearing my cozy Uggs.  

Here was yesterday:

J Crew black cable v-neck wool sweater, ON tee, Vigoss jeans, Gray Uggs, Burberry scarf

I love this scarf!  (and this time of year my "cost-per-wear" is going down every week, I wear it so much)

We are running off to church this morning & then the rest of this sunny, gorgeous (though chilly) Fall day is totally unplanned and unscheduled!  I hope everyone enjoys a lovely Sunday!



  1. Isn't it crazy how the weather turned cold so quickly? It's the same here in Vancouver. You looked adorable in your warm 'n cozy soccer mom outfit. And it's nice to have a reason(even if it's cold weather) to wear favorite pieces. Enjoy your Sunday! :)

  2. i really want a pair of those ugg boots this year. they look so comfortable. love your outfit.

  3. You can't go wrong with Burberry! It really does match so many things. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. Oooh I love love Sundays with no plans. Something so simple but yet so decadent! I love the Burberry scarf. You look warm and so chic!

  5. I am just pulling my Uggs out today...the weather definitely got cold here fast. Love the Burberry scarf!

  6. love this outfit---i think here in MA, it's time to pull out my Uggs:) LOve your scarf..i try to see a "look alike" of this very scarf, but so far, i haven't found one:) seen any other cute scarves out there?

  7. Great weekend (or any day for that matter...) outfit! We are lucky with soccer - both kids have practice the same 2 days of the week, so Tues & Thurs are always crazy, but Mon & Wed are nicely manageable.