Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tory Burch Sale

So minutes ago I saw a tweet that there were Reva markdowns on the Tory Burch site ... and just went online and looked around and placed an order for the Reese in gold metallic:

Tory's shoe, Tory's pic

I have the Reese in Cricket Green and love it (bows AND tassels - what's not to like?) and the only pair of gold shoes I have are espadrilles, so I now have some great gold flats for Fall on the way.  If you are looking for some TB shoes, check out the site.  They also have the Romy marked down, but no Cognac in my size, so just the Reese for me today.

Also, Eddie Bauer has a free ship with no minimum code ending today: HOLIDAY9 - and Garnet Hill and Ballard Designs are both offering click-through email discounts at the moment (20% and 15% off respectively), so if you like either of those companies (it feels like half my house is from Ballard, so I definitely do) sign up for their emails!



  1. I got these too! Probably got the same Twitter heards up about the sale...I have GOT to stop erdering TB online :)

  2. Damn----i got all excited, and went on the site, and saw my favorite LeeLee Flats, but not in my size!!! Boo!! Congrats on getting the gold flats, and thankx for letting us know:)

  3. Thanks for letting us know about the Tory sale!

  4. I totally have my eyes set on a new pair of revas.... black suede..... Mmmmm yummy and delish!!!