Wednesday, February 25, 2009

outfit of the day 2.26.09

I got the idea for this ensemble directly from the J Crew catalog.  I never realized how hard it is to actually put things together that will look decent in a photograph once you start really looking closely at just the clothes.  The tank and cardigan are from J Crew and the necklace is from Target.  I bought it a few months ago so can't remember how much it was exactly but I can't imagine I paid more than $15.00 for it!

J Crew outlet cardigan (like a Jackie) in purple and  Serengeti tank in grey maple, Paige Premium Denim Hollywood Hills jeans, Target necklace

Target necklace close-up

...and here's where I got the idea:

photo from J Crew


  1. I love it! Great outfit. Yes, I am realizing as I start to try to photograph outfits that what looks great in the mirror can look pretty blah-blah-blah-boring IRL.

    And don't you LOVE the Target jewelry?? It can take some digging, but I have found some very cute things there, including my current favorite necklace.

  2. I agree...great oufit! I am also a big fan of Target...not only the jewelry, but a lot of the clothes, shoes, handbags, and scarves. Btw...thank you for the Lemonade award! I am truly honored and grateful! :)

  3. Beautiful. Great outfit. I have the smaller version of that necklace. Never saw the larger one. I love it. Some of the statement necklaces are too big for some. That one is a great size.

  4. Thank you! I feel like I got it right today! (even if I borrowed the idea)

    Heidi - yes I love Target jewelry. I have found some cool pieces there - also Old Navy. They did a lot of enameled looking stuff last year when J Crew had all theirs out.

    FFM - you are so welcome! I love your blog.

    Gigi - I agree totally. I am 5'5" and cannot do most of this huge jewelry - Target tends to scale it down a bit I think.