Friday, February 27, 2009

Major Anthropologie Score!

So I tried on this cute Taikonhu jacket from Anthropologie's sale section this morning - originally $158.00, on sale for $39.95 - and decide to get it.  It is a lovely soft, gray, flannel-y feeling fabric with ivory piping & pickstiching.  As the associate is ringing me up, she tells me that actually it is $9.95.  What?!  Yes.  Nine-dollars-and-ninety-five-cents.  Score!  I also purchased the lovely Plucked Fruit Necklace in pink (I think it is the same as on the website - the numbers don't match up but it looks just the same).  They also had green in the store.  While in the area, I also picked up the new catalog at J. Crew.  It was a good shopping day!

necklace - I think the colors will work well with J Crew Spring

Taikonhu jacket

the buttons have little cursive t's on them

Cute, cute lining!

$39.95?  Anthro's just kidding!  It's $9.95!


  1. Fantastic find! Love the necklace, too.

  2. Seriously its all about the deals!

  3. WOW! What a great find! Congrats.