Saturday, February 14, 2009

flip flops and tea towels (and some chickadees)

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am happy as a clam to spend the better part of an early-Saturday-morning hour wandering around Target with a Starbucks venti latte in hand.  Where else can you find all this under one roof: Hayden-Harnett!  Thakoon for less than $20!  Mossimo that looks like Anthropologie!  Organic shampoo that smells like fresh pomegranates! along with your paper towels and toothpaste?  I had three happy finds today:

Don't these bear a striking resemblance to Born's Begonia sandal ($84.95 at They are very nicely cushioned & comfy too.  Merona "Edie" floral sandal in pink - $22.99

Orla Kiely!  YAY!  I knew this was here somewhere after seeing the two-page ad at the beginning of the March Domino... but there was just a tiny little display on an endcap in the towel section.  I almost missed it.  Orla Kiely for Target pear kitchen towels - (2) for $5.99

How cute are these?  They taste like Goldfish.  Market Pantry Chickadees cheddar crackers - $1.39 

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