Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, hello, H&M. Nice to meet you.

We've had an H&M in town for quite a while and even though it is directly in my little path between Anthropologie and J Crew, I had never stopped in.  Whew... there is quite a lot to take in.  But I was happily surprised to see other women in my general age group and quite a few things I would be happy to wear.  And the prices...

Look at this cute little jacket!  so stretchy and comfy in a happy peacock color. Fancy Jersey #290720 $34.90 (a 20% off 1 item coupon from the stack at the front of the store made it $27.98)

Such a sweet floral print on this short sleeve button front top.  Blouse #224220 $14.90.  Necklace #788360 $5.90.

Bracelet #788430 $6.90.


  1. You crack me up. Are those pics of you?

  2. the title cracks me up..... not your pics. :)

  3. lol thanks for clearing that up ;o) ...don't you recognize me? I almost called you this morning to see if you wanted to meet up for coffee & Anthropologie. There are so many great new things there. But I just bought a sale blouse and the cutest little yellow bird dish for $1.95.