Saturday, February 28, 2009

Remember the Waverly?

If you don't , this Target jacket will take you right back... the J Crew Waverly jacket started out at $168.00 and when it went on super sale I kept trying to get one online but it would jump out of my cart every time it appeared. Today I found this Merona jacket on the sale rounders. There were tons of them... a solid ivory and then navy, yellow, and I think one other color - in the slubby cross-hatch sort of fabric like J Crew's. Regularly $34.99, on sale for $17.48. I checked online and it is available, though still full priced. Still a pretty good deal I say!

this is the yellow, size medium - way too big - navy and ivory are in the background

J Crew's Waverly jacket - J Crew's photo


  1. Very cute...I like the version from Target more...sometimes that happens! :)

  2. thanks! I never saw the original in person but I really think Target did a nice job with this one.

  3. Wow -- Target nailed it. I hope you got the cross hatch or will get it. It looks great on you. I like the version in pic 1 the best.

  4. thanks Gigi - I did get the blue... now what to wear with...I'm thinking ivory Claire chinos in the spring :)