Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zara Goes Online for US Shoppers {and I tried on Kate's blue dress}

I'm still out of town but wanted to share the big news I heard on Twitter this morning, courtesy of @LuckyMagazine. Zara is going online for US shoppers (September 7th, according to I love shopping Zara (will try to post recent purchases in Copenhagen and Atlanta from the new collection soon) but the closest to me is Vancouver, BC... which I can get to maybe once a year. So this is happy news.

When I was in the Atlanta store recently, I happened upon that pretty blue pleated dress Duchess Kate wore as she left for her honeymoon (on the sale rack no less). It was too big at a size L and appeared to be missing a belt but I gave it a try. I added a belt from another dress and it really just about worked but then I noticed a lipstick stain smack dab in the front and decided it was not meant to be. I did buy a couple of blouses.

Starting next week I will have lots of travel, shopping, and outfit posts to share. I also was able to shop an L. K. Bennett in person (cue choir singing). It was fabulous. Reviews of three shoe styles coming up.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Ooh, Zara online?! Squeeeee! Hopefully their idea of going online means a proper online store and not just more details on pieces I can't ever track down in-store - thanks for the heads up!

  2. Your travels sounded fabulous via twitter. Can't wait for the updates!

  3. This news makes me so happy!

  4. ZARA ONLINE?!? You are my shopping hero.

    And obviously I'm on pins & needles awaiting your LK Bennett review.

  5. I like the look of that dress belted!

  6. can't wait to see more outfit pics and vacation pics----glad you all made it home safely! now, to the laundry....haha:) i love that zara snakeskin blouse you got----it's perfect bc you can wear it with white jeans for summer (like you did) and dark skinny jeans or black ponte pants in the fall!!!! what did you wear underneath it, a tank or something?? looks rather sheer...

  7. thanks all!
    mrs.a - yes it is very sheer! I wore a nude tank underneath (Spanx, actually :) ) I would also do a black tank under in the Fall.