Sunday, August 21, 2011


Trelleborg is the site of an old Viking fortress (dated to about 980 AD) which covers about 15 acres and possibly housed 500-800 Vikings, just outside of Slagelse, Denmark. Although the site had been known about for ages, excavation only really began in 1933 when a motorcycle club began making plans to turn the circular rampart into a raceway. There is a museum with artifacts and skeletons, a gift shop, and games and activities for children. The large, open, grassy fields and picnic tables also make it a great place to take the kids.

If interested, you can read more about it here, and the museum's website is here. One thing I will tell you, though, that I haven't seen mentioned, is there were quite a lot of sheep roaming the grounds. When there are quite a lot of sheep, there is quite a lot of sheep poo. So if you go through that little wooden gate any time soon, be prepared to tip-toe and dodge your way through with e v e r y s t e p . Also, they don't want you to try to pet the sheep - they run away anyway if you get anywhere near.

old Viking games

site of the fortress (mind your step)

learning to shoot like a Viking

a reconstruction of one of the long houses (now thought to be not quite accurate, but still pretty cool)

more reconstructions

we happily discovered Ben 10 ice cream in the gift shop

I wore my Stuart Weitzman Donuts because of course I had to have my only gladiators along for a trip that included Rome, and they are insanely comforable. Luckily, they also clean up quite easily with Lysol wipes.



  1. such a gorgeous place----lovely pictures, that first one of your daughter is SO amazing...i hope you have that framed on a wall somewhere in your home...:) love those sandals, too!!!!

  2. The gladiator sandals are perfect for a Viking fortress!
    The sheep are much like our Canadian Geese who inhabit many sites such as this and leave their droppings making navigating the parks tricky!

  3. Dear Sparrows&Sparkle, I see that you are in Denmark now: it is such a beautiful country! If one loves flat land, as I do. Kopenhagen: so interesting buildings, museums and shops! And sheep and a Viking fortress: what more can a child want? Maybe the sea, but I think you will go there next? I wish you fine weather!

  4. Love the SW sandals! Looks like a beautiful place!