Thursday, August 18, 2011

Copenhagen {City Sights & Some Shopping}

Modalu "Pippa" on arm, ready to shop Stroget

a cappuccino sitting outside at Cafe Europa...

...and breakfast

the menu

the bakery at Illum (for pastries after breakfast, of course)

walking toward the harbor

I liked these doors

oranges, apples, limes + pineapple

Copenhagen is definitely the place to fill in your Christmas plate collection

sunglass display at Illum

inside one of my favorite department stores

shopping the Wheat (one of our faves) collection with my eight-year-old

what she chose

one of Duchess Kate's dresses at the Reiss boutique inside Illum (they told me they often have pieces that are sold out elsewhere)

my Reiss purchase

some new Zara for my girls

(and for me)

my son preferred the Lego store

I have some pics from the old Viking fortress at Trelleborg in Slagelse I'll post next... and I have some Target buys & a brush review I'll try to get up before Italy pics.

Happy Thursday!



  1. Looks like you had some success and good for you to be toting the Modalu "Pippa"! Its a very nice bag.

  2. Loving your pictures of Denmark! I was just there in April with my family and fell in love with Copenhagen. Did you visit Legoland? My 9 year old never wanted to leave!

  3. mindofamr & hostess - thank you :)
    JennyHen - thanks! We didn't go this time but we went to Billund two summers ago and spent two days at Legoland, We had a really great time - the kids were 4, 6 & 7. They also loved Bakken.

  4. These are lovely photos! My 20yr old "baby" is leaving soon for a semester there.

  5. LOVE the Reiss and Zara purchases! Good staples to add to your wardrobe :)

  6. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing.