Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cooking and Shopping

I've been writing a lot about our summer travels lately (Italy is up next) but there's been some cooking and shopping going on around here too... here's a little update:

I made my first spag bol last night! Well, I've made spaghetti bolognese before but never from a recipe called "Spag Bol" and never calling it "spag bol". This was all inspired by Faux Fuchsia's post here because I didn't even know what spag bol was until I read her post. (She's really fun - you should follow her if you don't already.) My husband had seconds, which he, well, doesn't usually do. The children liked it too, including my six-year-old son who doesn't really go for tomato based sauces. It probably helped that it's rather British - he's become enamored with the UK ever since a wonderful blog/twitter friend sent me several links to the masses of Ben 10 merchandise that is available over there (thank you so much Juliet!).

(I used vegetable broth instead of beef broth and made a separate little batch without the beef for my vegetarian.)

I also made a really good Peach Blueberry Crisp the other day, adapting a recipe for Apple Crisp from one of my fav cookbooks - St. Louis Days St. Louis Nights by the SL Junior League. I bought it a long time ago when I was in JLSL and I hope it is still in print because it is fabulous. I'm going to get that posted in the next week or two.

In shopping news, there was a very exciting delivery from L.K. Bennett at my door not too long ago. I shopped the new Atlanta store in July and had the best time - finding three great pairs of shoes and having them shipped (suitcases too full by this time). That expedition and the shoes deserve their very own post so that will be coming up too.

Our family room has been needing some freshening up... kids and dog can be hard on the cushions. Luckily, the colors of Pottery Barn's Fall collection coordinate perfectly with the older fabrics and furniture we have. Here are the Penelope Kalamakri and Josie Kalamakri fitting right in. I have a Pineapple Bird on the way too (getting monogrammed).

I haven't forgotten about Target. When we got back to the states I found these in Florida:

Merona Collection Eden Skirt
(I bought the tunic in this print too.)

And this in Georgia:

I'm SO excited for the Missoni collaboration coming out next month... having flashbacks to Liberty of London for Target. Anyone else??!!



  1. I don't know how you do it all! You are inspiring!

  2. Love it! I want to try that spag. recipe!! and thanks, for posting your Target finds, I always love to see what you come up that beautiful print tunic!! i got it yesterday, and i saw the skirt and cardigan in the same print, so pretty!! i just need to see an OOTD with this tunic, now.....or some polyvore sets with the tunic, to see ideas...??!!!:) love that target necklace, too!!! and yes, SO excited for the Missoni collection to come!!!!

  3. I am dying with anticipation for the Missoni for Target collection. I am planning on taking that morning off of work so I can get to some stores first thing. I need to remember moderation!! :)

  4. The Spag Bol recipe is haunting me! I cannot wait until it is posted. Your new family room accessories are perfect with your existing furniture. Our family room is also in need of a sprucing up and I was actually trolling PB before checking in with your blog! Your pictures of your stove top always make me pause and think "is that my kitchen"! I know that you have said that before too!

    As for the Missoni line, I CANNOT wait!

  5. Love your Pottery Barn finds!

  6. I'm laughing, we say spag bol too over here! Well if you come over you know where I am - so don't be a stranger.

    I love LK Bennett shoes, I am drooling over a deep crimson and diamante evening shoe that's on their website just now, it's exquisite.

  7. Huddyma - thank you! I feel a mess and way behind some of the time so I appreciate your nice words :)
    mrs.a - Glad you found it! I'm hoping to get some time to play on polyvore before too long! :)
    Pamela - yes me too! - I hope it lives up to the hype; kinda thinking it will! :)
    Shasta Anne - PB has some great things right now - loving the Indian inspired fabrics in those colors. :) Hope you like the spag bol! I didn't try the vegetarian version but my daughter said it was great!
    Sarah Mina - thanks!

  8. Bourbons & Pearls - oh yes I know which one - they have some gorgeous styles. Funny I'd never ever heard the words spag bol. & thank you - oved your post today!

  9. My daughter would love that spag bol, and she's about to leave for college, I owe it to her. Why did I think that bolognese always had some sort of milk or cream in it? Yours looks great and I am looking forward to the Missoni too.

  10. Sue - thanks! I did add a little bit of milk right before I took it off the heat. I also did as one of the commenters on the recipe site and cuisinart the vegetables after sauteeing. I'm not very good at chopping things really small.

  11. I am so excited for Missoni for Target! I am going to pick up so many items :)

  12. Katherine - me too!!
    Zhenya - thank you for stopping by :)
    Southern Fried Bride - thank you so much! Love your name :)