Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lost in Translation: The Menu Version

So last night we ate at the hotel - there are a few different connected dining rooms in the hotel, all done up nicely with candles and flowers and pretty furniture (except for the back room which was apparently the family buffet section where they initially tried to seat us but I asked them not to... the nice section next to it was full of tables with children also, so it wasn't like people were there for quiet romantic dinners).  I did ask my son a few times to please not get us kicked back there again.  We even dressed up a little bit which people seemed to be doing here (I wore the J Crew dressy jersey strapless in gray with a Tiffany blue cardi and my black Revas, sorry no pics) but here's a similar Polyvore from a while back:

So anyway, the menu was pretty full of heavy meats and potatoes - you know, Danish food, and I was having a hard time finding something but ended up ordering steak and pomme frites.  The waitress had me point to it on the menu just to make sure.  It had a long, fancy Danish name which I didn't know or use.  Hubby speaks Danish but I didn't ask him since there was an English translation on the steak & fries part.

After a long while, our plates come and Hubs starts refusing them, saying there's been a mix-up.  I don't know what is going on because they are all speaking Danish.  I finally get a good look at the steak and say yes that's mine.  He was surprised because I almost never eat steak and was telling them it wasn't ours.  After they leave he says he was surprised because 1) I almost never eat steak and 2) the dinner was called something that roughly translates to The Man's Meal.  To make things funnier, the dinner he ordered, which was some kind of salmon/phyllo appetizer was called something like The Fisherman's Wife's Dream Basket.  We got a good laugh out of that one.

Dessert was awesome, by the way.  Chocolate Cake, and A Taste of Hawaii:

Chokolade Triologi: chocolate cake on raspberry syrup with lemon sorbet, crisp caramel flake, and white chocolate egg

Smagen af Hawaii: caramelized bananas with pineapple parfait on wildberry puree with coconut tuiles

Today we are off to another morning at Legoland... it really is so fun... and then I think a castle on the way up to a friend's beach house for the night!



  1. Great outfit! The dessert looks really good. Umm..

  2. Thanks for sharing, that was funny! Those desserts looks delicious. I hope you all are continuing to enjoy your vacation!

  3. Wow! Those are some fancy desserts...I'm jealous :)