Saturday, July 18, 2009

J'adore Dior. Yes, I do.

Christian Dior on Avenue Montaigne, Paris

Of all the big names I visited in Paris last week, Dior was the most magical. Chanel was so impressive, Louis Vuitton amazing, but Dior just seems to take you back in time... You can easily picture Grace Kelly or another elegant woman from that era walking through the door when you are in this shop. I adore the light gray and white facade of the store - and - inside - just beauty everywhere you turn!

I did not make a purchase here, but since we returned I have visited the website and found the Pink Dior Cherie bag. It doesn't even pop up as an option on the US version of the Dior site and I can't find it at SFA or NM so I can't order it. But - if you go to the UK version of the site, you can see it under the Dior Signature and Logo section. They describe it as "Basket bag in pink coated canvas, 'Cannage' print with embroidery effect". I describe it as "Perfect".

So, Dior Cherie bag... you are at the top of my current handbag wishlist.

Here are a few snaps from the Ave. Montaigne store:

my girls watching the video fashion show - mesmerizing!

and look at this feathered chair - tres elegant!

a window display

Oh, but I did end up with one little Dior treat from the Nordstrom sale which we stopped by last night after dinner - the Escale a Portofino eau de toilette. I just love this fresh yet warm citrusy scent (bergamot, citron, almond, orange blossom and cypress)- and for the sale the 4.2 oz size is wrapped up with a complimentary Miss Dior Cherie moisturizer - which has notes of green tangerine, strawberry leaves, violet and caramelized popcorn! Fun!

Happy Weekend!



  1. I agree that the dior on Ave. Montagne is fab! Did you hit the Chanel on rue Cambon? That is pretty impressive too but the first time you are on that street you kind of think "this is it??". Montaigne is much better!I used to go to the English bookstore on rue Rivoli which is around the corner from the Cambon store all the time. Now that you hit the major tourist areas, next time make sure you go shopping in the 16th at Franck and Fils and around there. They have great stores all around but it isnt so touristy and much calmer. That is only two or three metro stops from Trocadero which is across from the Eiffel Tower. (ahhh memories!!!)

  2. Thank you - I'll have to remember that area! I can't recall exactly where all we were last time (9 yrs ago) but it was a different part of the city we didn't venture to this time... we pretty much stayed in our little area with just a couple metro trips. I was only at the Chanel on Montaigne. :)

  3. So glad I came across your blog! Your pictures look wonderful, and you trip sounds like the perfect European vacation!

  4. Haha--I totally agree with Jemma Ruby! When I saw the Rue de Cambon for the first time, I was underwhelmed!! But Dior was fabuleux!!! Did you look at the Dior jewelry? Ahhhhh-----gorgeous!

  5. I love Escale a Portofino too, do you know if it's a limited edition? Every scent I like is limited or is discontinued so I'm afraid to love this too much!
    I live south of Seattle & am anxiously awaiting the new Neiman...I hope they carry Chantecaille skincare at this location.

  6. thank you Summer Wind!
    Petunia - I didn't give the jewelry enough attention! I was focused the handbags, I guess! :)
    lottie - I didn't know! I knew it was Nordstrom exclusive... hope they keep it around for awhile... I think the new citrusy Prada is also limited? If these two disappear I will go back to Acqua di Parma - it's hard to find but it's a classic that's been around forever and I believe Neiman's has it. And, yes, I'm excited to have those new stores open also... I heard a rumor we were getting a Chanel?? But I kind of don't believe it yet! Here's hoping!

  7. Ahhh...I adore Dior as well and you are using all my favorite words...Dior, Chanel... :)

    What a fabulous trip!